What Makes The Club

There are a lot of Young Living education platforms out there, but there is only one YL Education Club. Education about Young Living is too hard to find and boring, one blog conflicts with the others, and the product catalog is so overwhelming it can feel like you fail before you even get started.

The YL Education Club is different. Easy to navigate, you’ll find the education that you want in a snap. You can add videos to you watch list and come back to them when you need a refresher.

The community of learners in the YL Ed Club are dedicated to putting an end to conflicting information. Instead we focus on how products can be very individualized and may not work the same in every single person. Instead of saying “this product is always perfect for this,” we say “here is what to look out for to know if the product is working safely and effectively for you.”

We also fight overwhelm in so many different ways. First, we acknowledge that you simply won’t know everything when you first get started, and that’s okay. If you haven’t watched it yet, begin with our Jump Start Course to build your confidence using essential oils. Then I suggest heading to the Course section on the website. Here you can learn about collections of products for different people such as athletes or women who are pregnant. You can also learn about products for different body systems such as endocrine, gastrointestinal, or nervous system. As you find products that interest you, head to the product videos for an in depth look at what could be in your next Essential Rewards order.

Hey, we get it: no one likes boring education. We have a strict “Only fun education” policy around here. I also can’t handle long winded education. The teaching here is to the point, and you have full access to me and other Clubsters to ask follow up questions if you still want more clarity.

The YL Education Club is not only built for product users. We are seriously dedicated to our business builders and way to see everyone reach their rank goals. We have a collection of business videos, as well as ongoing business coaching in our Live with Lindsey calls. Building an MLM downline takes work, and after years of study and collaboration, I’ve created education that reflects lessons learned from leaders in network marketing. From sharing techniques, retention techniques, and daily routines to sales and marketing campaigns, legal and finance, and brand strategy, the YL Education Club gives you tools of the trade. Plus, you get early access to Brand Strategies Lab, my small group business coaching platform.

Listen, I get it. Investing in yourself isn’t always the easiest thing to do. The YL Education Club isn’t for everybody. But for just $29.99 a month, it’s for anybody who wants to strengthen their knowledge and accelerate their business.

Give it a try, the first week is free from me.

Dr. Lindsey Elmore

Meet Your Host Dr. Lindsey Elmore

Hey y’all! I’m Lindsey.

I make science and business understandable.

Back in the day, I struggled with insomnia. Through a few strokes of luck, I ended up at an acupuncturist who opened my eyes that the way medicine is practiced in the United States is not even close to how it is practiced in other countries.

I was raised by a nurse, have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and a Doctorate of Pharmacy, and completed two years of post-doctoral education in internal medicine and family medicine. Until that moment with the acupuncturist, I thought that was the only way to do medicine. Just “Here, something is wrong. Let me give you a pill or a surgery to fix it.

I had never conceived of the concept of preventative medicine and total body wellness. That changed in that first treatment in Chinese medicine.

I went on to become a pharmacist highly studied in herbs, supplements, and food as medicine, and one who was so weird I went in search of shamans, healers, and any natural health practice I could find. I got certified to teach yoga and meditation, and host retreats all over the world.

And then essential oils wafted into my life. It sounds a bit silly to say it, but from the moment I smelled the oils I made an instant emotional connection. I sat in my living room floor and just covered myself in them. I bought every book I could get my hands on, researched as much as I could, and started teaching online.

To date, I have spoken to audiences on five continents in more than 30 countries. I wrote a book about essential oils and supplements called Essentials: 75 Answers to Common Questions about Essential Oils and Supplements. I’ve built a big social media presence with more than 20 million minutes of education watched online.

I’m also a business owner and entrepreneur. I have turned my knowledge of natural wellness into my profession, and I have learned more than a few meaningful lessons from Young Living leaders. Whatever your superpower is, I love working with women to put it to work to help them grow their downline.

I created The YL Education Club because there was nothing like it. There was no place that you could come learn about products, connect with other hustlers, and decide if you have the chops to grow a business.

If you are confused about Young Living’s products or want mentorship to grow your downline, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the YL Education Club!

Dr. Lindsey Elmore

The Next Step on Your Health and Wellness Journey

Find the next step on your wellness journey.

Let’s work together.

How can we work together?

Why work together?

There are a lot of pharmacists out there. There are a lot of natural wellness experts, yoga teachers, business coaches, and social media influencers, but there is only one of me.

I help women to take full ownership of their health and wellness, every single aspect of it. From wellness in the physical body, to stability in mental health, to robustness of spirit, to freedom in finances, I’m not here to provide a one size fits all approach. I’m here to work alongside you as your partner to discover your ultimate roadmap to health.

Whether you watch one of the hundreds of educational videos offered in the YL Education Club, cook a recipe from the Clean Slate Cleanse, invest in your business via Brand Strategies Lab, work with me One-on-One, or join me at my next Yoga Retreat Experience, the next step in your unique journey to health is just a click away.

I also work with companies. If you have a scientific product that needs research, promotion, or clear persuasive messaging to consumers, I can help.

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Making your own decisions about health and wellness has never been easier. The Blog is written with simple, easy to understand science on topics including current events, women’s health, essential oils, herbs, and women’s entrepreneurship. Looking for a new recipe? Check out my other blog, Clean Slate Cleanse.

The Lindsey Elmore Show

A show that inspires women to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, and leave their mark through interviews with thought leaders, doctors, creatives, spiritual leaders, and game changers.

Struggling to decide on a wellness path?

I’m so over women feeling like we can’t take control of our health. This seven step guide makes it easy to make decisions on your own.