So many times, people say they have no problem sharing Young Living products, but they don’t know how to recruit people to their business. And we all know that a successful business requires a team of people. Transitioning customers into business builders requires identifying the right person and knowing how to show them their own potential.

Transitioning Customers into Business Builders: Who

Before you go calling your entire downline, make sure you know a little about each person. Because come on, not everyone in your organization is ideal for your business team. Look for characteristics that stand out and show you that a person is someone you’d like to work with. Here are a few profiles of people and how to identify them within your team.

The Question Asker

Chances are, when you read that heading, four people you know popped into your mind. We all have them. The people with insatiable thirst to know all there is to know about essential oils and supplements. This is the person who calls and texts asking loads of questions about usage and product education.

The Pitch: Start out by letting them know how much you appreciate their questions. Then tell them you noticed they are really delving into natural health and you may have a way they could get their products for free each month.

The Life Changer

This is the person who wants to help everybody. Lots of times, they give their oils away for free simply because they want to share them with others. They also love to talk about their own life-changing experiences and those of others.

The Pitch: Often, this type of person doesn’t feel right about making money from sharing. They just want to help everybody out of the goodness of their heart. So you have to show them the life-changing potential of the business side of Young Living. Remembering to keep it simple, show them how having just a few regular customers can earn enough money to pay the monthly grocery bill.

The Just Missed It

Each month, you should be checking your virtual office to look for a few things. Do you notice someone who is just a few dollars shy of getting a commission check? How about a person who orders every month but doesn’t know the benefits of Essential Rewards? Or that one lady who keeps signing up her friends and giving away her bonus check?

The Pitch: When you approach these people to tell them what they are missing out on, you may open their eyes to a possibility they never considered. Show someone they can spend $1.50 more to earn a $55 commission check, and you have their attention. One unexpected check can be the start of transitioning customers into business builders.

The Transformed

Some of the most ideal customers and business builders are the people who have had a life-changing transformation. They can leverage their testimony to inspire others.

The Pitch: First, help them craft their story. Then invite them to speak at a class or webinar. (And make sure put them as the enroller for any new sign ups.) Once they see how their story impacts others, they will be ready to share it with more people.

The Story Teller

Who do you know who has a knack for getting attention on social media? The gal who weaves a great story or takes amazing photos already has a skillset that can help in her business. You just have to help her to see the potential.

The Pitch: You can attract this kind of person by first asking for their help. “I noticed your social media posts are always so attention-grabbing. Can you help me craft a post about this product that I totally love?” Give them the affirmation and allow them to see how to implement their skills into a business strategy.

The Analyst

This is the friend who researches everything. She knows what products to recommend and can even tell you how and why they work. She loves looking through books, apps, and websites to gather more knowledge.

The Pitch: Invite her to come talk to a group of friends or help teach a class. (Again, remember to give her credit for any new enrollees.) Then talk to her about the potential you see.

The Busybody

Have you ever heard that when you really need something done, ask the busiest person you know? There is a reason some people are seemingly always busy. These are the go-getters who don’t waste a lot of time. They know how to prioritize and schedule and juggle a lot of balls at once.

The Pitch: This type of person doesn’t appreciate people who waste her time, so just be direct. Tell her you see a specific skillset and you know she could totally rock this side hustle.

Transitioning Customers into Business Builders: How

Once you’ve identified the people that feel right for your company, how do you go about talking to them? First and foremost, remember it’s always about them; not you. Don’t tell them what you need. Rather, show them how you can solve their problem. Check out this course for more on this topic.

The Referral

In ideal circumstances, a business is built on referrals. Whomever referred the person has already established a trust simply by their referral. All you have to do is explain the business and show them how it can work for them.

But here’s the key: You have to ASK for the referral. If you sit and wait for the referrals to come, you’ll likely be waiting a long time. Don’t be afraid to ask a satisfied customer for a referral. This is especially key if you identify a person with some specific qualities that make them ideal for your business. There’s no harm in asking a friend to talk to her go-getter babysitter for you.

The Yes/No Daily

Get outside your comfort zone. You can’t be afraid of hearing “no”. Ask. Get people talking about the products first and then ask if they’ve ever considered a side business. If you continually struggle with hearing no, come listen to this course about Overcoming the Fear of Rejection.

The Closer

You’ve held a great meeting. The snacks were perfect, your class was succinct and informative, and everyone had a great time learning about Young Living. You even remembered to discuss the business opportunity and saw a few sparks of interest. None of that matters if you can’t close the deal. Every class you teach and every one-on-one appointment should end with a strong close.

This goes back to asking. It’s time to ask if people are ready to make a commitment to their financial health. Ask if they’d like to get their products for free or if they are ready to get out of debt. One word of advice: Speak their language and avoid sounding too business-y. Don’t start talking about prospecting and business strategy right off the bat. Keep it simple.

The Meetings

In a health and wellness company like Young Living, teaching classes is foundational to building a business. If people don’t know how and why to use the products, they simply won’t. And every single meeting you host gives you a platform to share the business opportunity. When people believe in the product and your ability to educate on its merits, transitioning customers into business builders becomes simple.

At your meetings, be sure to ask questions. Because the questions lead to the answers. The more you get people talking about themselves, the more you will be able to identify ways you can reach them.

The Action

So many people spend loads and loads of time crafting the perfect business plan but fail to act. Get off the computer and go talk to people. Host the meetings. Make the care calls. Go out on that limb and show the people you care about that there is a way to obtain financial freedom. Transitioning customers into business builders requires the same action and commitment it took to get the customer in the first place.

Knowing your brand and who your ideal customers and business partners are makes the process of building a business so much easier. If you are ready to plunge into developing your personal brand, check out Brand Strategies Lab.