Are you headed to the Young Living International Grand Convention next month? Especially if it is your first time to attend convention, I am sure you have questions about what to pack and how to maximize your time. Check out these pro Young Living Convention tips to help you get the most out of your week.

Plan ahead. . .and then be flexible.

Chances are, you have already registered for the convention workshops you want to attend. And hopefully you have checked out some of the other activities going on during convention. With choices like visits the YL farm and corporate buildings, YL Fit classes, YL spa appointments, AromaSharing, and so much more, it may be hard to fit it all in. So plan ahead and make reservations and travel arrangements to see the things you have your heart set on.

And then be flexible. Once you get there, you may hear about a workshop for which you didn’t register but everyone says is a MUST see. So go. Need more time to shop or explore the Expo? It’s totally fine to change your plans.

Don’t overbook yourself.

Having said all of that, you want to allow time to rest and relax. For many people, Convention is a time to see friends and downline members that you may not get to see regularly. Leave some time for a lunch date. And be sure you allow yourself ample sleep and rest. The more you can stick to your normal routine, including diet and supplements, the better you will feel.

Bring an extra suitcase or duffel bag.

In addition to all the new products that convention-goers have the first opportunity to purchase, you will likely find loads of books, resources, t-shirts, and other goodies. If you attend a vendor event, like AromaSharing, you will find all kinds of unique essential oil-related items, from diffuser jewelry to oil storage to handmade products, and more. Trust me, if you bring an extra bag, you won’t return home with it empty. For more tips about what to pack, check out this post.

Come armed with your oil arsenal.

You won’t find another event anywhere ever that has more essential oil flowing. Be sure you have your regular necessities, as well as some oils to help you cope with the crowds. My favorite oil for this is White Angelica. And for learning and retaining all the information you will be taking in at fire hose-speed, pack some Brain Power, cedarwood, or Valor. Check out my custom Travel Roll-On Recipes for some great blends to keep you healthy and feeling your best.

Bring a good attitude.

Okay, that seems like a given. But for real, the Young Living Convention is crowded, peeps. Everywhere you go, you will wait in line and you will encounter crowds. Getting frustrated or overwhelmed will only make it worse for yourself and everyone around you. Slather on some Stress Away and put on a smile. And don’t wait until the last minute to head to the bathroom either.

Be prepared for the altitude.

This is something many people don’t think about when heading to convention. Salt Lake City is at 4,226 feet. If you don’t live at a higher altitude, it’s smart to take a few extra measures to avoid altitude sickness.

Most importantly, drink LOTS of water. Carry a lightweight water bottle, and drink, drink, drink! Most people require a bit of extra sleep while adjusting to a higher altitude. Pack some supplements or essential oils that help you relax and sleep well. Increasing your antioxidant intake will also help to prevent or relieve minor altitude sickness. Pack extra packets of NingXia Red. (And be sure to visit Club Red at the Expo too!) Some people find relief from liquid chlorophyll. This helps to increase oxygen levels in the blood.

Take notes.

Usually your Young Living Convention swag bag will include a notebook for the copious amount of information you will be taking in. Don’t think for a second that you will retain everything. Write it down. You’ll thank yourself later. Most speakers will have slide presentations, so it’s also great to download an app such as Office Lens. These apps enhance and convert photos of slides into files that are so much easier to review than a hundred photos. This makes it easier to share with friends. Can’t attend every workshop? Divide and conquer, and then exchange notes.

Attend the YL Foundation Run for a Cause.

Make an effort to get to bed at a reasonable time on Friday, because you don’t want to miss the Foundation Run/Walk. The walk starts at 7 a.m. on Saturday, and you will not regret it if you go. Not only does your registration help support the YL Foundation, but you will receive a t-shirt, essential oil, and a swag bag. Plus, the camaraderie and fun of participating is something most people count as a Convention highlight. Not registered for the run? Go to your Convention portal and add it on now.

Head to the grocery store and grab some healthy snacks.

One of the best tips for Young Living Convention is to carry some snacks with you. There isn’t a lot of food inside the convention center, and the choices are not ideal. Avoid the lines and crummy food and bring your own. There is a Whole Foods and a Sprouts within a reasonable Uber distance from the Salt Palace. You will be glad to have some healthy choices during the day.

Enjoy some great food while you are there.

Salt Lake City is a great place to visit and has lots of good places to eat. Try one of my faves while you are there, and let me know what you think.

Stay an extra day, if you can.

If you have the ability to extend your trip for an extra day, I highly recommend you head to Park City. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful mountain town. Be sure to stop by the St. Regis Hotel and ride the Funicular.

Come see me!

Last but not least, be sure to allow time to come check out my book tables at the AromaSharing event, get your books signed and grab a selfie with me, and catch one of my workshops! Click here for times and more information.

Have some Great Young Living Convention Tips?

Comment below and share your experience and wisdom!

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