Raindrop Technique is an incredibly balancing and immune-supporting procedure. The layering of specific essential oils brings energetic and physical balance as well as often addressing emotional issues. The great thing about Raindrop Technique is that you can customize it to your specific needs. Here is a simple guide to customize Raindrop Technique to support body systems.

The Benefits of Raindrop Technique

Raindrop technique addresses every body system through the layering of essential oils along the spine and reflexology points on the feet. This relaxing, therapeutic technique can help relieve many emotional and physical maladies.

Relieves Stress

Therapeutic essential oils help balance and support the nervous system to help reduce stress, anxiety and tension. Additionally, the light strokes involved in Raindrop can ease tension and promote relaxation.


Because of the quantity of essential oils applied and the therapeutic benefits of the oils, the technique is very detoxifying. Many of the oils are high in phenols, which cleanse cellular receptor sites and support the lymphatic system.

Relaxes Muscles

Basil, wintergreen, marjoram, cypress and peppermint essential oils help release muscle tension.

Reduces Inflammation

The sequence of essential oils used in Raindrop help reduce bodily inflammation. This is because many of the essential oils in the technique improve circulation as well as balance the immune system.

Releases Negative Emotions

We know that inhaling the aroma of essential oils helps to release trapped emotions. This is because of the intimate connection between the sense of smell and the limbic system of the brain. This area houses memories and also controls mood, behavior and emotions. Raindrop can facilitate release of emotions, especially with the addition of specific oils that enhance this effect. To learn more about how essential oils can help with emotional issues, check out this post.

Balances Energy

Think of the spine as the motherboard of the nervous system. Because the oils are applied to the spine, the technique helps bring balance and harmony to the body’s chakras.

Can’t get a Raindrop?

If you don’t know someone who can give you a Raindrop, then you can create a Raindrop Roller instead.

Basic Raindrop Roller

  • 20 drops Valor
  • 10 drops of each:
    • Oregano
    • Thyme
    • Basil
    • Wintergreen
    • Marjoram
    • Cypress
    • Peppermint
  • Carrier oil, such as V-6 or fractionated coconut oil

Combine all essential oils in a 10 mL roller bottle. Top off with a neutral carrier oil. Then simply attach the roller fitment and swirl or shake gently. Use the blend on your spine and the bottoms of your feet to reap many of the benefits of a Raindrop Technique.

Raindrop Rollers for Body Systems

To support various body systems, substitute any or all of the following essential oils for basil, wintergreen, and marjoram.

Respiratory Support

Digestive Support

Musculoskeletal Support

Emotional Support

Stress Relief

So if you feel a bit stressed, need an immune system boost, or just want to relieve some sore, achy muscles, mix up a Raindrop Technique in a bottle and roll your cares away.