Wolfberry Eye Cream

Wolfberry seed oil may support skin health by boosting metabolism on the skin. This delicate moisturizer is perfect for your eye area.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Wolfberry Eye Cream is a natural moisturizer, containing the anti-aging and skin-conditioning properties of wolfberry seed oil. For extra protection and gentle nourishment for that sensitive skin, consider adding this to you bedtime routine.

What It’s For

Wolfberry Eye Cream is a gentle, waterbase moisturizer formulated to sooth tired eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It is lighter weight than Rose Ointment or Art Intensive Moisturizer, making it gentle enough to use on the delicate skin around the eye.

Ingredient Highlights

As the name would suggest, wolfberry seed oil is the shining star of the Wolfberry Eye Cream ingredient list. It is extremely concentrated in omega-6 fatty acids which help to protect and repair the skin. It is also very high in vitamins E and A. Vitamin E holds the ability to help neutralize fat-soluble free radicals. Vitamin A is critical to the normal growth and cell structure of the skin. You can probably see why wolfberry seed oil is so beneficial for the skin.

This Eye Cream also has a wide array of essential oils and plant-based moisturizers. Lavender, roman chamomile, frankincense, coriander, ylang ylang, and geranium on the essential oil side, and fractionated coconut oil and alfalfa seed extract on the moisturizing oil side.

Who Should Use Wolfberry Eye Cream

This product is perfect for anyone concerned with healthy aging and protecting and nourishing the tender skin around the eyes.

However, this product contains wheat as well as ingredients derived from soy. If you are extremely sensitive to these ingredients (as well as to coconut or palm), this product may not be for you.

Companion Products

I use Art Gentle Cleanser and Art Intensive Moisurizer before applying my Eye Cream with light dabs.

Don’t Have Wolfberry Eye Cream? 

Run out? Dab on a little extra Art Intensive Moisurizer instead!

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