Vetiver Essential Oil

The oil of tranquility is more versatile than you know! Have you used it in a DIY recently.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Vetiver essential oil has an earthy, woody aroma. This calming blend helps soothe nerves and promotes focus and relaxation.

What it’s For

Vetiver is great to diffuse in work and study areas because it helps promote mental clarity and focus. It also enhances tranquility and promotes sleep, especially when applied topically before bedtime.

Vetiver comes from the roots of the plant, and as such, it balances the root and sacral chakras. This can help with encouraging a sense of security and grounding. This essential oil is very nurturing and can support emotions when undergoing difficult transitions and decisions.

Constituent Highlight

Vetiver is one of the essential oils that is highest in sesquiterpenes. This class of compounds directly affects the emotional center of the brain. They encourage deep relaxation of the nervous system, making this essential oil ideal to enhance meditation and prayer. These molecules also deliver oxygen to cells and help to soothe the nerves, bringing a sense of calm and encouraging physical and mental relaxation.

Who Should Use Vetiver Essential Oil

People who want to encourage mental focus favor the earthy aroma of vetiver. Many parents also enjoy the calming, centering affect it has on children who need a little help settling. You can also use vetiver with pets to encourage relaxation and grounding as well. Horses seem particularly drawn to this essential oil.

Companion Products

Vetiver works well with other grounding essential oils, such as White Angelica. It also blends well with lavender and/or cedarwood in the diffuser.

Don’t Have Vetiver Essential Oil?

Cedarwood may also be a good choice because, like vetiver, it contains a high percentage of sesquiterpenes. Cedarwood has very similar properties as well.

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