Tranquil Roll-On

A wonderful blend for resting poses in yoga, while flying on bumpy airplanes, or to help calm children before tests.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What it’s For

Tranquil Roll-On does what the name indicates. It invites peace and tranquility into your life. It not only soothes the emotions, it brings chaotic thoughts into order and helps ease tension. The warm, sweet fragrance can help you relax and unwind for a more peaceful night’s sleep. Wearing this blend topically can also help dispel anger and irrational agitation.

Ingredient Highlight

Tranquil Roll-On is a simple blend of cedarwood, lavender, and Roman chamomile essential oils. All of these oils produce a calming effect by relaxing the mind as well as the body. Additionally, these oils can help with spiritual attunement.

Who Should Use Tranquil Roll-On

Because the blend contains a carrier oil, it is gentle enough to be applied topically to adults as well as children. Apply to help calm the body and mind or during meditation or prayer time to focus the thoughts. You can even use Tranquil on your pets during stressful situations when they need some help settling down. You can apply a small amount directly to pets or their bedding, or just apply to your hands and arms before petting and comforting your animal.

Companion Products

In addition to Tranquil Roll-On, you may enjoy the benefits of Stress Away Roll-On. For more help sleeping well, try SleepEssence. If you’re looking for a blend specifically for children, you may like KidScents SleepyIze.

Don’t Have Tranquil Roll-On?

Stress Away Roll-On is another great option for a convenient roller to help you wind down and relax.

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