Get-up-and-go Gone? This is a supplement to get you moving again. But it should definitely be avoided by several different types of people.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS
5 based on 1 reviews

Young Living Thyromin natural thyroid supplement maximizes nutritional support for healthy thyroid function. The thyroid gland regulates metabolism, energy, and body temperature. Therefore, if you need a bit of “get up and go”, this supplement may be right for you.

What It’s For

This supplement specifically targets the thyroid gland for optimum function. As a result, it supports the adrenal and pituitary glands as well. This provides more energy, immune system support, and helps the body handle everyday stress. Many people also report that it helps promote better sleep.

Ingredient Highlight

Thyromin contains porcine glandular extracts, including thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary. It also contains amino acids that balance the immune system and reduce inflammation. Additionally, thyromin supplies a hefty dose of iodine from kelp to support the thyroid.

Who Should Take Thyromin

Because Thyromin is specific for thyroid support, check with your physician before starting, especially if you take any medicines for your thyroid.

Companion Products

Endocrine support is so important. In addition to this supplement, you may want to learn about EndoGize, EndoFlex, and FemiGen.

Don’t Have Thyromin?

Check out EndoFlex for information about supporting the adrenal and other glands.

Want to Learn More?

The Thyroid Balance Master Class gives a more in-depth look at the topic of thyroid health.

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Comments & Reviews

5 based on 1 reviews
    • For some, it gives them energy, and for others it has the opposite effect. You just have to find out how your body reacts to it, and decide which time would be best for you to take it. 🙂

  1. In the video I thought she said – First thing in the morning, only with water and no food but in the notes it says to take right before going to sleep. I’m a bit confused.

    • Lindsey prefers to take it in the morning, as it tends to give her energy, but for others, it makes them sleepy, which is why they should take it at night. Each person is different, so it is up to you to determine which time of day is best for you to take it. 🙂

  2. Are there signs when you may be getting too much iodine and need to back off taking thyromin?? secondly, if you only take 1 instead of the recommended 2, do you not have to worry about that?

  3. Good afternoon! Great information! My daughter was referred to an Endocrinologist for further review of her thyroid since her doctor believes that she might have Hashimoto since one of her thyroid antibodies came back abnormal and she have some of the symptoms. She’s currently using Endoflex, I was wondering if this will be a good supplement to take?