Thyme Essential Oil

One of the most diverse chemical profiles of any essential oil, the herbaceous scent of Thyme essential oil may be irritating to the skin.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

Thyme essential oil is a key ingredient in Ortho Ease massage oil and is great for use after exercise. It is also believed to bring a sense of purpose when used aromatically. It can be mentally stimulating to improve concentration and memory. The strong aromatic scent is also uplifting when you feel fatigued or lethargic.

Also a key oil in the Raindrop Technique, thyme helps to harmonize energy in body systems.

Constituent Highlight

The main constituent in Thyme is thymol. This monoterpene is a prime ingredient in many household cleaners and sprays. It also supports the immune and respiratory systems and can help improve breathing.

Who Should Use Thyme Essential Oil

Similar to Basil, thyme is helpful for anyone who commonly suffers sore, achy muscles. Added to a bath or mixed into massage oil, it can provide soothing relief. Additionally, diffusing thyme can help provide energy and clarity of mind. It balances the central heart and solar plexus chakras, which helps to bring unity and harmony among all chakras.

Companion Products

Thyme makes a great addition to your favorite massage oil. Try OrthoEase, OrthoSport, or even V-6. To further promote muscle recovery, try using AgilEase or Sulfurzyme with thyme. Also be sure to check out the Raindrop Technique Collection, which also features thyme.

Don’t Have Thyme Essential Oil?

You can substitute Basil essential oil in a pinch, as many of the therapeutic properties are similar.


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