Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste

What is the most important about Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste is not what is in it, but what is not in it. Learn them both in this video.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

This toothpaste will transform the way you clean your teeth and gums. Combining the benefits of Thieves essential oil and ingredients that alkalinize the mouth, AromaBright brushes away daily buildup for healthier gums and teeth. The plant-based formula is tough on buildup, while still gentle on tooth enamel.

Ingredient Highlight

Xylitol provides a sweetness to this toothpaste without the negative side effects of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Additionally, xylitol is perfect for use in toothpaste because it helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the surface of teeth. Additionally, this toothpaste does not contain fluoride, which may do more harm than good when it comes to dental hygiene. Watch the video to learn more!

Who Should Use Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste

This toothpaste is mild enough for every member of your family. The Thieves flavor is not overpowering or “hot” in the mouth. One word of caution: Keep this product well away from dogs and make sure you never use it to brush your dog’s teeth because xylitol is highly toxic to dogs.

Companion Products

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Don’t Have Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste?

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste is another all-natural toothpaste option that the whole family can enjoy. It provides the same clean, fresh experience, with an added boost to whiten and brighten your smile as well.

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Comments & Reviews

  1. I have Sjogren’s syndrome and all of the toothpastes from YL work very well for me. I know I have a dryer mouth than most, BUT it is not nearly as dry as before I started using YL’s .