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Marine minerals, calcium, and vitamin K support bone health in two distinct ways. Can you name the two mechanisms of action.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

There are plenty of calcium supplements to choose from, but Super Cal Plus offers much more than just calcium and minerals—it is a true bone-health supplement. This blend of calcium, magnesium, vitamins D and K, and other trace minerals supports healthy bones and teeth.

What It’s For

This supplement includes a unique combination of amino acids, trace minerals, and vitamins D and K to support the body’s ability to resorb bone tissue (osteoclasts) and deposit new bone tissue (osteoblasts). Thus, it helps maintain and support the structure, integrity, and density of the skeletal system.

Ingredient Highlight

Calcium and magnesium are very important for the health of muscles, bones, and teeth. Uniquely, bioavailable elements and minerals in this supplement are derived from red algae from Iceland.

Who Should Take Super Cal Plus

Super Cal Plus is perfect for anyone wanting to support healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. It is especially beneficial to those at risk for osteoporosis.

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Don’t Have Super Cal Plus?

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Want to Learn More?

For more education about choosing a calcium supplement, check out this post on Bone Health.

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Comments & Reviews

    • It really just depends on what you feel like your body needs. They each have different added vitamins/minerals, so it really just depends on what added benefits you are looking for.

  1. They sound like a great combination, however, when you are supposed to be taking 1200mg a day, that would require taking almost 5 a day and would be very expensive. I could do a combination of the one i already take and those but I would be a little under, a thought and a little better

  2. I need to take a minimum of 5,000 IU of Vit D3 so this supplement wouldn’t offer enough for my daily requirements. Any suggestions?

    • We cannot recommend taking more than the recommended dose of this supplement, so we would recommend consulting with your physician and make a plan. MindWise, OmegaGize and Master Formula all contain vitamin D3 as well. 🙂

  3. I am a chronic kidney stone maker and have been told NOT to take calcium. Is this calcium somewhat different so that I may take it? please advise. thanks!

    • You will want to discuss this product with your physician. If you have been instructed to not take Calcium, them we cannot recommend doing so.