Spearmint Essential Oil

It’s like peppermint, but relaxed. And it is legit the best thing ever along side citrus. Find out what else it pairs well with.

The mild, sweet, minty aroma of spearmint essential oil is uplifting and comforting. This is a favorite to add to the diffuser, as it compliments many other essential oils.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What it’s For

Sometimes the aroma of peppermint is a bit too assertive. Spearmint has the same cool, minty aroma, but is a bit milder and sweeter. Citrus Fresh contains a hint of spearmint to balance out the bold citrus aromas in the blend. Diffusing spearmint helps to purify and cleanse the environment and combat the most stubborn odors. It also supports the digestive system when applied topically.

On an emotional level, spearmint essential oil helps open the heart and solar plexus chakra. This is key for facilitating emotional release, especially when releasing old beliefs and opening the mind to change. It also helps facilitate self trust and intuition.

Constituent Highlight

L-carvone is the primary constituent in spearmint essential oil. This ketone is very cleansing and purifying, and it also provides the characteristic sweet, minty aroma. Ketones support the digestive and respiratory systems and soothe the emotions.

Who Should Use Spearmint Essential Oil

If you love peppermint, but just want something a bit milder, try spearmint. When applied topically, spearmint brings relief from minor respiratory or digestive complaints. It is also a wonderful choice in the diffuser, as most people enjoy its mild aroma that blends well with other essential oils.

Companion Products

I love to blend spearmint with citrus oils, such as tangerine or lemon. You my also like to combine it with frankincense for an uplifting aroma.

Don’t Have Spearmint Essential Oil?

Go ahead and reach for the trusty bottle of peppermint instead. While it can be somewhat more aggressive, the pleasing, minty aroma is very similar to spearmint.

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