Seedlings Baby Lotion

A thick and gentle lotion for baby skin or sensitive skin in a vegan friendly formula. Plus it is free from many ingredients common in grocery store products.

Seedlings Baby Lotion is a 100% plant-based, natural balm for your infant’s skin. You can feel good about using this gentle, essential oil-fortified lotion on your infants, babies, and children.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What it’s For

This baby lotion soothes and protects tender skin. The non-greasy formula goes on smooth, absorbs quickly, and moisturizes infants’ delicate skin. The lotion is perfect for massaging your little one after a warm bath, or for applying to prevent dry skin throughout the day.

Many older children and adults also enjoy the moisturizing benefits of this soothing lotion.

Ingredient Highlight

This baby lotion contains murumuru butter, which contains vitamins and fatty acids to balance and moisturize skin. It penetrates deeply to nourish skin at the deepest level and prevent drying out. Seedlings Baby Lotion features the soft, gentle scent of the Seedlings Calm Essential Oil blend, which also soothes and supports healthy skin.

Who Should Use Seedlings Baby Lotion

This lotion is ideal for the youngest infants and babies. Additionally, children young and old and adults, especially those with sensitive skin, will love the the gentle fragrance and moisturizing benefits of this lotion. It makes a great balm following shaving legs or other areas.

Companion Products

The entire Seedlings line of baby products will give parents peace of mind while comforting and soothing baby. Try the Seedlings Linen Spray for a sweet aroma to promote a restful night for both mom and baby. Older children may prefer KidScents Lotion.

Don’t Have Seedlings Baby Lotion?

You can use Seedlings Baby Oil to soothe and protect baby’s skin, or try KidScents Lotion instead.

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