Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit

Creating a flawless look with mineral makeup is different than regular makeup. And that’s because of the way it interacts with your skin.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Start your journey with Young Living by putting your freshest face forward. The Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit has everything you need to create a beautiful look while maintaining the Seed to Seal quality you expect. If you’ve been looking to get started with Savvy Minerals, look no further!

With four color options to complement a range of skin tones and premium products, this kit provides flexibility. Above all, you can feel good about the quality and purity of what you are putting on your skin. Finally you can create a radiant new look with the Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit today!

Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 Foundation (choose from Cool 2, Warm 2, Dark 1, Dark 4)
  • 1 Blush
  • 3 Eyeshadows
  • 1 Lip Gloss
  • Misting Spray
  • Foundation Brush
  • 5-mL Lavender essential oil
  • Savvy Minerals by Young Living Booklet
  • Introduction to Young Living Booklet

Want More Information About Young Living Savvy Minerals?

Check out my Master Classes about the latest 2018 Savvy Collection as well as my Savvy Minerals Application routine.

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