Progessence Plus Serum

Ready to stab someone because of periods or menopause? We’ve all been there. You need Progessence Plus and here is why.

Progessence Plus Serum is Young Living’s most popular personal care product. Women love how it supports hormone health helps harmonize and balance emotions.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What it’s For

Progessence Plus supports a healthy female endocrine system. It also promotes healthy emotions and eases some of the discomforts associated with the natural aging process. In this way, it supports womens’ overall wellbeing and vitality. As an added bonus, many women say it soothes and supports a healthy complexion.  

Ingredient Highlight

Featuring wild yam extract, which contains natural phytoestrogens, this serum also contains vitamin E, and several mood-balancing and endocrine-supportive essential oils. This combination makes for a blend that many women say they can’t live without!

Who Should Use Progessence Plus?

Progessence Plus is great for women of all ages, including teens over the age of 12. Many women use it daily to help support the body’s natural cycles. It also promotes relaxation and helps women unwind before bedtime. You can even apply it to your face to help diminish the appearance of fine lines.

There are three times when a woman will benefit most from the hormone support of this serum:

  1. During menopause,
  2. After recently giving birth,
  3. And finally, during her menstrual cycle.

Companion Products

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Don’t Have Progessence Plus?

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Looking for Even More Hormone Support Information?

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Comments & Reviews

    • That is totally up to you. Dr. Elmore talks more about this in the Reproductive Hormone Health Master Class and the Pregnancy and Lactation Master Class over in The Club!

  1. If you have had a bad reaction (blood clot) to birth control and artificial hormones, is this safe to use? I know check with the dr ? but I thought I’d ask anyways!

    • Thankfully, there is nothing artificial in Progessence Plus 🙂 But, yes, you will definitely want to talk with your doctor about it first.

  2. Kinda freaking out a bit, I’ve been using progessence plus everyday for over a year now and we are trying to conceive. Could this be a cause of not getting pregnant? Does my body think I’m pregnant? Or on bc pills?

    • It’s pretty unlikely. We would recommend speaking to your physician and having your hormone levels checked if you are concerned that you have too much progesterone.

  3. I was using progessence plus but feel I need to comment here. I just was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 1 thank goodness, but feel using this post menopause may not be a good idea. I am 68 and using for dryness. my receptors were 100% for estrogen and progesterone after my surgery. I think it could have aided to this. Basically, ok for premenopausal women but post menopause not so much. We are unfortunately not suppose to have any progesterone or estrogen then.

    • Hey Cheryl, we would love for you to check out the Reproductive Hormone Health class which can be found in the Master Classes of The Club. 🙂

  4. Hey there! So I know all the downsides of hormonal birth control (trust me…). I have been off BC for over a year and in a lot of ways it has been great. I love the confidence of being “natural” and ovulating (hello positive affects on my thyroid!), and having regular, light periods. However, I am no longer in a serious relationship and need BC. I have had bad acne since going “natural” and have dug into this with a naturopath. Bottom line… I am going for a combo BC pill with estrogen and anti-androgenic progestin. I’m very nervous about no longer ovulating, but not having BC is not an option for me.
    Can I use Progessence Plus in what would be my luteal phase to help give my body some of the benefits of ovulating without actually ovulating? Is progessence plus pro- or anti- androgenic?

  5. Gyno prescribed Estradiol (Imvexxy). Looking for natural alternative. My daughter suggested Progessence Plus. Will I get same benefits without side effects of drug?

  6. I just recently finished chemo (Christmas Eve) and radiation treatment (2 weeks ago today) for cervical cancer. A hysterectomy was an option if necessary, but now doesn’t seem to be needed. Ive learned that radiation is equivocal to a hysterectomy.

    I had 5 internal radiation surgeries called “tandem and ovoids”. I go next week for my 2-week check up. I know that the subject of hormone therapy will come up. I want to know beforehand if Progessence Plus could be/would be an option im my situation.

    Thank you!