Neroli Essential Oil

AKA Orange Blossom, this floral middle note lends itself well to blends with woody, citrusy, or resinous aromas.

Neroli essential oil comes from the delicate blossoms of the orange tree. The mild, citrusy aroma can help dispel fears while calming and centering the mind.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

Neroli can help bring clarity when making difficult decisions. This essential oil also helps dispels fear, especially fear of the past or future. It encourages us to embrace the present and look ahead with positivity. It also opens the heart to release emotions of powerlessness and restriction. For these reasons, we find neroli in numerous emotionally supporting blends, such as Acceptance, Live with Passion, and Present Time.

Many personal care products contain neroli because of its gently uplifting fragrance and therapeutic benefits to skin. It promotes protection and healing when applied topically. To experience this, check out my Winter Skin Hydration Mask with neroli.

Constituent Highlight

Neroli essential oil contains a high concentration of linalol. This alcohol, which is also found in lavender essential oil, is relaxing and soothing. One of the most well-known benefits of linalool is its effect on mood. It harmonizes mood, reduces psychological stress, promotes relaxation during chaos, and even decreases aggressive behaviors.

Who Should Use Neroli Essential Oil

If you struggle with emotions of the past, neroli can assist you to move forward with a positive attitude. Many people enjoy diffusing it with other essential oils to encourage relaxation. You may also want to try adding it to your skincare routine periodically for its protective effects.

Companion Products

For enhanced results, combine neroli with other emotionally balancing essential oils. Use it with Release, Freedom, or even frankincense for positive emotional healing and acceptance.

Don’t Have Neroli Essential Oil?

Because neroli comes from the blossoms of the orange tree, orange essential oil has some of the same characteristics. You can also enjoy the benefits of this oil in many blends, including Acceptance, Awaken, and Inner Child.

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