Myrtle Essential Oil

This camphoraceous aroma has traditionally been found at special events like marriage, and is said to be strongly associated with love.

Myrtle essential oil has a sharp, woodsy aroma that is great for purifying the air. Many people enjoy myrtle before meditation or prayer practices as well.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

The most common uses of myrtle essential oil include cleansing and supporting the skin and hair. The balancing aroma can help balance male and female energies. For this reason, many couples enjoy the benefits of myrtle in the bedroom. Because of its somewhat camphorous scent, we find myrtle in many blends that support the respiratory system, such as R.C. You can inhale myrtle right from the bottle, or apply to the chest and neck to enjoy the aroma.

Constituent Highlight

Myrtle contains 1,8 cineole, also known as eucalyptol. It is an oxide with a minty, cool flavor and aroma. Eucalyptol is frequently used for respiratory support, as well as in toothpastes, as a flavoring agent, and in personal care products.

Who Should Use Myrtle Essential Oil

Adults and children can enjoy the benefits of myrtle. It can bring soothing relief from respiratory irritation when applied to the chest and back. You can also use it topically to support skin and hair. Couples may want to try an invigorating foreplay massage with myrtle.

Diffuse or apply myrtle topically before practicing yoga or prayer time to encourage a relaxing, uplifting experience.

Companion Products

For more respiratory support, check out Breathe Again Roll-On or R.C.. To add an antioxidant boost to your haircare routine, put a few drops of myrtle in your Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo.

Don’t Have Myrtle Essential Oil?

Cypress essential oil has a similar fragrance and properties to myrtle.

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  1. She said that Murtle is in an oil for communication ,negotiations, understanding and fidelity. What blend is she talking about?