Mineral Essence

For many people, a life changing supplement that provides key minerals. Plus it has one of the best Seed to Seal stories of all.

Mineral Essence is a full-spectrum mineral complex enhanced with essential oils. Finally, there’s a mineral supplement that provides ionic minerals in their natural ratios! Additionally, these are the most fully and quickly absorbed form of minerals available.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

Every body function is contingent on minerals, so this blend supports the overall workings of the body. Essential minerals provide baseline ingredients to supplement a healthy diet. Likewise, even a poor diet can benefit from the mineral supplementation of this product.

Ingredient Highlight

The key ingredient in Mineral Essence is royal jelly, which is rich in amino acids, minerals and Vitamins B5 and B6. Honey provides another source of amino acids, vital minerals and B vitamins.

Who Should Take Mineral Essence

Because trace minerals are vital for almost every biochemical process in the body, this supplement is perfect for just about anyone wanting to support healthy growth, metabolism, absorption of vitamins and other nutrients.

Companion Products

Many people do not love the flavor of Mineral Essence. Try it mixed with NingXia Red! Some other supplements that provide core nutrition include Super Cal Plus and OmegaGize³.

Don’t Have Mineral Essence?

Master Formula also supplies some vital vitamins and minerals.

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Comments & Reviews

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  1. Hey there Lindsey – – – How much Mineral Essence would a person try in a bath? Perhaps I’ll try a foot soak!

    I feel so much better when I take it – but man I really dislike the flavor! 🙂

    It was great seeing you last weekend in Houston!


    • Sure 🙂 Be sure to also checkout the Combining Supplements Master Class for more information on which supplements you can safely take together.

  2. Hey Lindsey! I was wondering about the type of magnesium in Mineral Essence. My members are trying to replace supplements they are currently taking with this and some of them are specifying types of Magnesium… Glycinate, citrate etc.. ? Any education you can throw at me on this topic? Thanks!

  3. I am one of those strange people that doesn’t mind the taste of Mineral Essence. I take it straight in a little water, twice a day.

  4. Any reason why this supplement has to be refrigerated? I often forget to take it or leave it at home when I travel due to this.

  5. I have a close friend that every time she takes Mineral Essence she has rectal bleeding! Why? What would cause that? Iron? Thanks in advance.

    • If the blood is bright red, it is physical trauma (like from rough toilet paper). If it is dark and tarry looking, then it could be a sign of internal bleeding that would need to be discussed with her physician.

  6. I add Mineral Essence to coconut water – Harmless Harvest is my favorite brand – and it makes it so much easier to drink because it hides the strong flavor so well.

  7. Can you address some of the ingredients in Mineral Essence that may concern some members such as arsenic and fluoride? Are these safe?

  8. We love Mineral essence in our fresh squeezed lemon or orange juice. It almost completely masks the flavor. If you still taste it and can’t get it down, add some maple syrup to the cup. My 3 year old drinks it like a champ.

    I have also used mineral essence to aide my husband’s skin in recovering from a sunburn. Almost completely gone overnight. A little sticky, but if it works.. it’s worth it 😆

  9. Hi Lindsey! I was wondering, what are the side effects of taking Mineral Essence if any? Could the magnesium cause some to reach bowel tolerance?
    Also, I was curious what are the “over 60” trace minerals that are in the Mineral Essence blend?

  10. Hi Lindsay, on the ingredients it does not indicate all minerals, just a few. Why is that? I am not sure how to read labels and why all the minerals are not listed on the label.

  11. Placing on skin, would this be a good idea to place it on skin that has dermatitis/eczema? To help heal? If not what would be a product to use to heal? Any ideas??