Lemon Vitality Essential Oil

If you aren’t using lemon everyday in your kitchen, do you even know how to live? Find out how to use it and what the risks are.

Everyone knows the bright, cheery aroma of lemon essential oil can lift the atmosphere of any room and bring an element of summer to even the dreariest day. But this essential oil can do so much more! It’s one of the most underrated essential oils out there.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

Lemon essential oil is very cleansing, detoxifying and purifying. One of the most common ways to use Lemon Vitality is to add a few drops to your drinking water. It transforms boring water into a zesty, tangy beverage that also has numerous therapeutic properties.

Lemon helps bring the solar plexus chakra into balance, which will bring confidence and personal power. And it works great to clean up sticky messes and to enhance the power of your everyday cleaning products.

Constituent Highlight

This essential oil contains up to 68% d-limonene. This powerful constituent is excellent for immune support as it acts as a free-radical scavenger throughout the body. Bet your plain bottle of water can’t do that!

Who Should Use Lemon Vitality Essential Oil

The uses of lemon are so versatile, pretty much everyone can find a purpose for this essential oil. Whether you are enjoying it in your favorite beverage, or adding it to recipes, lemon offers benefits for everyone.

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Some people don’t love the flavor of lemon but still want all the benefits. For this, try using a couple drops of peppermint for a cooling, minty flavor. Love Thieves Laundry Soap? You can add a few drops of lemon in your laundry to boost the whitening power of your regular laundry detergent.

Don’t Have Lemon Vitality Essential Oil?

Most citrus essential oils have similar characteristics. Try lime or orange or lime Vitality for a different flavor variety.

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