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Little upset tummies need love too. These digestive enzymes are easy for kids because of this special preparation.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

If you’re looking for the perfect all-natural and vegetarian way to support your child’s optimum digestion, look no further! KidScents MightyZymes provide broad-spectrum dietary enzymes to support optimum digestion. Best of all, the lightly-sweet, great taste means you won’t have to argue with your kids about taking them.

What It’s For

MightyZymes is designed to help combat the negative effects of enzyme depletion. Enzymes are responsible for unlocking nutrition from the food you eat. If you don’t have enough enzymes, you won’t get all the benefits of what you’re eating. That’s why MightyZymes is so important for your children.

Ingredient Highlights

MightyZymes contains broad spectrum dietary enzymes that digest proteins, starches, and fats so your children get all the support they need in one chewable tablet. Enhanced with natural sweetness from apple juice and sugar alcohols, this supplement doesn’t have too much sugar, but still has enough sweetness to help with the taste.

Additionally, MightyZymes contains a small dose of calcium carbonate, so children get a little of their recommended daily dose of this key mineral necessary for growing children.

Who Should Take MightyZymes

This is great for anyone looking for a vegetarian digestion support supplement. This product is labeled for children ages 4 to 12, but is beneficial for all ages.

Companion Products

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Don’t Have KidScents MightyZymes? 

Consider checking out Essentialzyme, but make sure to check the dosages and if necessary, consult with your child’s physician since this is an adults supplement.

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