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A tincture that supports the kidney and bladder with a berry used in traditional medicines. It also contains a liver support ingredient as well.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

K & B tincture from Young Living provides nutritional support for normal kidney and bladder health. It contains extracts of powerful herbs that work together to support the renal, urinary, and digestive systems.

What It’s For

K & B promotes kidney and bladder health, protects and nourishes the urinary tract, and helps the body maintain proper fluid balance. It is also the only Young Living supplement specially formulated to support kidney and bladder health. Additionally, K & B contains ingredients that support the digestive system.

In Chinese medicine, tinctures are said to be one of the only plant extract types in which the energy descends to the kidneys. In our energetic systems, it’s very difficult for energy to get all the way down to our lower back where the kidneys are located. That makes this a powerful and unique supplement.

Ingredient Highlights

Perhaps the most interesting ingredient in K & B is uva-ursi. Uva-urci supports the kidneys and the digestive system and is also known as the bearberry. This is because bears (Ursa) like to eat these berries. Bearberries contain high levels of tannins, which are a class of astringent in the body. Red wines and pomegranates have a slight puckering effect because they contain astringents which pull water out of the cells. This could be one way these berry help support kidney and bladder health.

Uva-ursi also contains naturally occurring hydroxyquinon. If you already take a hydroxyquinon supplement you do not need to take K&B. If you do decide to take K & B, there will be a negative enhancement of hydroxyquinon — not what you want.

K & B also contains Juniper berries. These berries enhance the body’s effort to maintain proper fluid balance.

As far as herbs go, this tincture includes parsley. Parsley helps support the kidney and bladder function, as well as aid in overall urinary tract health.

This supplement is also souped-up with essential oils: juniper, sage, Roman chamomile, clove, fennel, and geranium.

Tinctures are compounded in alcohol. The ethanol helps preserve the plant extracts contained within in order to insure the supplement lasts and the plant extracts do their job. However, if you’re choosing to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, this isn’t for you.

Drug interactions: use caution with drugs that are very highly dependent on excretion from the kidneys (i.e. lithium) because they may build up in the blood. Use discretion with drugs/foods that acidify the urine (i.e. aspirin or vitamin c) because they may inhibit uva-ursi’s benefits. Therefore, it is better to use K & B when the urine is alkaline. (Consider separating taking both supplements or drugs by a couple hours at least in order to limit possible drug interaction.)

Who Should Take K & B

K & B is the perfect supplement for anyone looking to boost their kidney and bladder health. Some parents choose to use K & B in children over the age of 12, but use caution until they’re over the age of 21 because of the alcohol contained in this supplement.

Possibly the most common question about K & B is whether or not people with kidney disease or on dialysis can use it. Due to the fact that we don’t have any data concerning its use in anyone with renal dysfunction, if you’re using dialysis it’s up to you and your physician to decide if K & B would be beneficial for you. As a pharmacist, I say it is extremely important to use caution, discuss with your physician, and monitor urine output as well as quality before using any K & B.

Companion Products

Grapefruit Vitality essential oil, an oil formulated to be safe for oral ingestion, would pair well with K & B because of its cleansing properties and kidney and bladder support.

Don’t Have K & B?

Consider taking NingXia Red for the wolfberries (and more!) alongside Master Formula for full body wellness.

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Comments & Reviews

  1. Lindsey I was not kidding when I asked about this product. Don’t know if you remember this but early on in the club I asked about K&B on a live. Your reply was Kayla Blackburn your kidding. I am going to ask this again. I would also like to know more about the pancreas please. Thank you

    • Hey Kayla, you were one of the members asking about K & B, which is why it is now here! We hope you are learning lots from it. I will pass along your request for more teachings on the pancreas. 🙂

  2. Am I correct in understanding you would not use this on little children. It was recommended for my 4 yr old who has a neurogenic bladder. We just started cathing, so this was recommended for overall bladder and kidney health. I joined the club to get more info on it before buying.