Do you toss and turn and struggle to fall asleep? Come learn why ImmuPro can help you get a good night’s rest.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS
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ImmuPro is a supplement that provides immune system support in chewable tablet form. Additionally, it helps improve normal sleep routines to support the body’s needs.

What It’s For

As the name suggests, ImmuPro supports healthy immune system function. It is recommended that it is taken during your bedtime routine because along with immune system support, ImmuPro doubles as a “bedtime support supplement”.

Ingredient Highlights

Loaded with ingredients like Ningxia wolfberries, vital trace minerals, unique mushroom powders, and essential oils, ImmuPro delivers powerful antioxidants to the body.

Mushrooms as well as the chelated minerals — zinc, selenium, and copper — make up the key ingredients of this supplement.

We don’t have much data on how the minerals support the immune system, but we do know they make huge impacts in their own ways. People with zinc, selenium, and copper in their systems tend to be overall healthier than those without them. Zinc has something do with toning down inflammatory protheses. Selenium is a potent nutritional antioxidant, important in building selenoproteins that are vital in regulating our reactive oxygen species (basically free radicals we’re trying to avoid), and helps support the broad immune system. We know the least about what copper does for us, but we know it’s critical for the immune system because people who don’t have much of it tend to not be as “well” as those with it

Similar to zinc, mushroom modulation in the immune system has something to do with our inflammatory cytokines, but we don’t know how. ImmuPro’s powdered mushroom blend also delivers powerful antioxidants.

You’re probably thinking, “mushrooms? Yuck!” However, this supplement actually tastes delicious! With wolfberries, strawberry powder, orange essential oil, and raspberries, it tastes very fruity.

Last but not least, ImmuPro contains melatonin, the hormone that tells your body to go to sleep. Immune support and sleep support? Yes, please!

Who Should Take It

This is for anyone who wants to give they immune system an extra boost, or need a little help falling asleep at night.

ImmuPro is labeled for anyone of the age of 12 or older. Melatonin in younger children can inhibit their natural production of this sleep hormone, so it is not recommended to give it to them. Additionally, use caution when giving this supplement to prepubescent girls because melatonin is very important in the hormonal regulation that leads to the onset of menstruation, so consult with her physician first.

Companion Products

Use caution when using ImmuPro alongside other sleep aids.

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Don’t Have ImmuPro?

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Comments & Reviews

5 based on 1 reviews
  1. This sounds like a great product. What would someone take instead if they don’t want the melatonin for night time use? Something to take in the daytime? I’m curious why YL chose to put melatonin in this immunity support supplement.