Grapefruit Essential Oil

So does grapefruit essential oil interact with medicines in the same way as grapefruit juice? You’ll find out here.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

The sharp, bright aroma of grapefruit essential oil is a favorite among many people. This characteristic aroma not only uplifts the emotions, it can be balancing as well.

What It’s For

Grapefruit is a fun, energetic essential oil. Many people love to diffuse it for its uplifting aroma. Because the scent is somewhat more potent than other citrus oils, it is especially great for freshening a room. A few drops in the diffuser can tackle even the most persistent odors. This aroma is more than just a pleasant smell, however. Grapefruit helps clear mental chatter and opens the solar plexus chakra. This can increase intuition and strengthen your inner voice.

Grapefruit is very cleansing and purifying for skin, especially when added to a salt or sugar scrub.

Constituent Highlight

Grapefruit essential oil contains up to 90% d-limonene. This constituent not only supports healthy immune function, but it also has therapeutic benefits for the emotions. Interestingly, it gets its unique aroma from the constituent 1-p-menthen-8-thiol, which makes up less than 1% of its composition!

Who Should Use Grapefruit Essential Oil

If you want to tackle stubborn odors, reach for the grapefruit. Speaking of stubborn, when the mental chatter just won’t stop, try inhaling a few drops of this essential oil to restore peace. You can also use it to support beautiful skin, like in this Summer Ready Legs Cream.

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For skin benefits, combine grapefruit with frankincense, sandalwood, and/or lavender. Or, create a simple sugar scrub with a few drops of grapefruit and peppermint.

Don’t Have Grapefruit Essential Oil?

Many citrus essential oils have similar characteristics. Check out Tangerine or Citrus Fresh for an alternative.

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