Gary’s Light Essential Oil Blend

Imagine a single blend that can harmonize and balance all the body’s energy centers. Gary’s Light Essential Oil Blend does just that with a formula that brings balance to the physical body, emotions, and spiritual awareness.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

Gary’s Light is the first blend formulated by Mary Young. She created this blend during the tumultuous times of 2020, when everyone can use a bit more balance and emotional support. The aroma is a lovely balance of sweetness and earthiness, with a touch of bright menthol. The harmonious combination of the essential oils in this blend make it great for grounding as well as getting in touch with your spiritual side.

Ingredient Highlight

This blend contains the following essential oils to bring balance and harmony to the body: Cinnamon bark, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Eucalyptus radiata, Sacred frankincense, Cistus, Dorado azul, Hyssop, Petitgrain.

Who Should Use Gary’s Light Essential Oil Blend

The purpose of Gary’s Light is to help restore light in dark places. Anyone wanting to encourage balance, harmony, and unity to your body, mind, and emotions will love this blend. Diffuse it or wear it topically to enjoy the benefits, especially during prayer and meditation. Learn more about how to use this blend in this post. This blend is suitable for adults, children, and even animals who need the grounding, centering effects it provides.

Companion Products

One of Gary Young’s favorite essential oil blends, Valor, also helps to bring balance and harmony in the body and mind. Now, you can even get it in a convenient Roll-On! Applying valor to the wrists and neck can help restore calm during times of stress and chaos.

Don’t Have Gary’s Light Essential Oil Blend?

Higher Unity Essential Oil Blend is another option. This calming and relaxing blend also helps to bring harmony and unity when used in combination with prayer and mediation.

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