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Any ladies need a little hormone support? From menarche to menopause, this supplement is great for many women, but is it right for you?


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS
5 based on 1 reviews

As the name suggests, FemiGen is a supplement that supports female health. It combines whole-food herbs, synergistic amino acids, and select essential oils to support the female reproductive system.

What’s it For?

This natural phytoestrogen supplement supports female glandular function. Women also love the gentle harmonizing effects. Additionally, it provides amino acids that work to increase antioxidant activity in the body.

Ingredient Highlight

FemiGen contains amino acids L-cystein and L-cystine that support so many vital functions in the body. Another critical ingredient is phenylalanine, which supports emotional well being.

Who Should Take FemiGen?

This supplement is specifically formulated for pre-menopausal women. Therefore, if you want to boost libido and support female endocrine health, give FemiGen a try.

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Comments & Reviews

5 based on 1 reviews
  1. Should women who are pregnant or lactating/nursing be concerned about the black cohosh in Femigen? There was a FB post that stated, “Some of you may want to know that I just saw a discussion about Femigen increasing breast size! Emoji for the hubbies 😂.” Someone commented the following on that post, “I looked up black cohosh- looks like it’s not recommended during pregnancy and nursing because it can stimulate labor and affect hormones.
    http://cms.herbalgram.org/herbclip/331/review44895.html…” I read the information provided in the link, which I believe is a study review. Some of the info cited was from 1998, and the most recent citation I believe was from 2006. Lindsey, do you know if this information is the most current study information available and do you agree with the recommendation that pregnant women and those that are lactating/nursing should not take black cohosh. Is there enough black cohosh in Femigen for women in this category to be wary of taking it? Thank you in advance for addressing these questions.

  2. Can you tell me why you don’t recommend this supplements for women who have already gone thru menopause?

  3. When is the recommended time of the cycle to take Femigen? I am inclined to take this during either the follicular phase or the luteal phase but I was wondering what you would recommend?