Excite Essential Oil Blend

Jump for joy with this exciting blend when you need a bit of confidence, have a tough task ahead or just need an afternoon pick me up.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Excite is a unique blend of 10 different essential oils. The combination of citrus, cinnamon, pepper, mint, and more create a blend that inspires a sense of energy and excitement.

What It’s For

The bold aroma of Excite can add energy and motivation to your day. It also inspires enthusiasm and invigorates the senses. Many people enjoy diffusing Excite for a burst of energy or wearing it as a perfume for sustained motivation throughout the day. However you choose to use Excite, it is sure to encourage a lively atmosphere and encourage positivity.

Excite can also encourage passion. Use it in the bedroom to ignite a spark or apply it when workin on new projects to inspire creativity.

Ingredient Highlight

In this bright blend, cassia and black pepper bring the fire, while tangerine, hinoki, and jade lemon impart a citrusy burst. The blend is rounded out with spearmint and spicy nutmeg. This blend contains many bold top notes, making it very aromatic and invigorating.

Who Should Use Excite Essential Oil

Excite is a popular essential oil to diffuse to encourage alertness and energy. Try adding it to your diffuser during work or study time to promote mental clarity. It may also help boost your exercise routine when applied topically before exercising.

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Don’t Have Excite Essential Oil?

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