Einkorn Berries

Known as one of the oldest grain varieties, Einkorn is a staff of life grain that has been around for thousands of years. It is simple, pure, and offers so much more to our bodies than the modern wheat does. But what exactly makes it so special?


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Berries are a great way to enjoy einkorn in its simplest form. These ancient grain kernels are great to use to grind your own wholesome flour. Additionally, they add a nice bit of texture and nutrition when sprinkled on salads, in granola, or mixed into a smoothie. It can also be prepared as a nourishing porridge or similar to rice.

Contrary to what the name would lead you to believe, Einkorn Berries are not a sweet fruit. They are actually the kernels of the einkorn plant.

Because the genetic code of einkorn has fewer chromosomes than modern wheat, it is less allergenic and easier to digest so you unlock better nutrition from it. It also contains higher levels of vitamins & minerals compared to modern wheats to allow your body to unlock better nutrition from the wheat.

Ingredient Highlight

Offering einkorn in its purest form lets you experience the Young Living Seed to Seal promise right in your own home. Einkorn comes from the Young Living farm in Provence, France, and the Skyrider Wilderness Ranch in Tabiona, Utah. This connection of “life from the land” is at the heart of Young Living Founder D. Gary Young’s legacy.

Who Should Use Einkorn Berries

Anyone who wants a more natural and healthy grain in their lives. If you are passionate about traditional farming practices, this is a great product for you as well. Bake the berries into cookies or breads or even grind them up and make your own flour! The Einkorn Berries leave us so much room to get creative.

Companion Products

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Don’t Have Einkorn Berries?

Swing on over to Young Living and check out the Einkorn Granola and Einkorn Flour!

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Comments & Reviews

  1. Just made my first batch of einkorn rejuvelac (fermented wheat drink). Much fresher, lighter, and more lemony than my normal wheat version. Also converted my sourdough starter to use einkorn berry flour… our first loaf just came out of the oven. Beautiful and predicting it won’t last long… the flour really enhances the lemony, fermented tang of the sourdough.