Davana Essential Oil

This sweet, soothing essential oil is an excellent balance to pungent woody aromas and it can help invigorate earthy blends.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Davana essential oil can help balance energies and ease everyday stress. Prized in the perfume industry, the warm, lightly sweet aroma is exotic and appealing to most people. The soft, balancing effects can create an inviting space when diffused.

What It’s For

Davana can help soften and beautify skin, while adding a lovely aroma to your skincare routine. This essential oil is very balancing to emotions. It can ease feelings of worry and stress, increasing a positive outlook. The aroma can also have an aphrodisiac effect to both genders. Interestingly, it may smell differently when applied to different people. This is called adaptivity, and it is one of the unique qualities of Davana essential oil!

Constituent Highlight

Davana contains the unique constituent davanone. This constituent is responsible for the mood-balancing quality as well as the benefits to skin. In addition, it can help with emotional issues during addiction withdrawal.

Who Should Use Davana Essential Oil?

Davana is a great product to add to your daily skincare routine for a beautiful fragrance and smooth, soft skin. You may also want to diffuse or wear Davana topically during times of stress or worry.

Companion Products

For even greater relief from everyday stress, combine a few drops of Davana with frankincense. A relaxing bath with Davana and Lavender Bath Bombs may be just the answer at the end of a stressful day!

Don’t Have Davana Essential Oil?

Shutran essential oil blend also contains Davana. To enjoy the skin-loving benefits, try ART Creme Masque. You can also find this essential oil in emotional supporting blends, such as Trauma Life and SARA.

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