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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS
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CortiStop is a dietary supplement designed to help the body maintain balance and harmony. In addition to essential oils, this supplement contains herbs and hormones designed to slow down the body’s production of cortisol, which the body produces under stress and is unhealthy when in abundance. As a result, this supplement may help restore balance to an over-stressed system.

What CortiStop’s For

Let’s talk science and the HPA axis before jumping right into the supplement.

The hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (HPA axis) is the elegant hormone feedback system that helps control stress levels. It starts in the hypothalamus where the corticotrophin releasing hormone is released. This hormone then talks to the pituitary gland and signals the production of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). ACTH then travels in bloodstream to the adrenal glands and signals for them to produce cortisol. This cortisol then feeds back to the brain to let it know an adequate amount of cortisol has been produced, so it needs to stop producing ACTH.

However, under chronic stress, this feedback system breaks. This is because when feedback levels are so high for so long the body stops paying attention to them. This results in the overproduction of ACTH, which signals the overproduction of cortisol. See where the issue is? That’s were Cortistop comes in.

CortiStop is a hormone supplement formulated to naturally balance hormones and keep them in harmony. Because Young Living specifically formulated it to balance out the stress hormones, it is especially good during stressful times. Did you know that 70% of physician visits are directly related to stress (high blood pressure, anxiety, etc.)? Let’s talk about whether some CortiStop a day will keep the doctor away for you.

Ingredient Highlights

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is the most notable ingredient in CortiStop. DHEA is the anabolic opposite of our catabolic cortisol — we need a balance of these two, especially during times of stress.

Cortistop also includes pregnenolone, which reduces the corticotrophin releasing hormone.

Additionally, we have herbs and hormones to naturally balance our stress response, while essential oils provide uplifting energies and make the supplement gentle on the stomach.

Who Should Take It

Always talk to your physician before using CortiStop because of all the hormones it contains. Though labeled for ages 12+, take caution when giving to children because of the hormones they may not need.

Companion Products

When using CortiStop, take caution when already using other hormone support products, such as birth control or PD 80/20.

An easy product to pair with CortiStop is Stress Away essential oil, especially since it is not another hormone supplement. It’s even available in a handy roll-on!

Don’t Have CortiStop?

Consider taking both PD 80/20 and Endogize. PD 80/20 provides the pregnenolone and DHEA, while Endogize gives you the phosphatidylcholine and clary sage. Another great supplement that may substitute well is Femigen.

Another thing that you could benefit from is the breathing techniques peacefulness of Yoga Nidra. Check out my 9 steps to it here.

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Comments & Reviews

3 based on 1 reviews
  1. I am using the morning and evening dose right now and feel such a difference. Can I still go the full 8 weeks on the double dose?

  2. Suggesting the breathing exercises as an alternative or enhancing activity is a great reminder for something simple, basic and helpful. Thanks Lindsey!

  3. Lindsey, you didn’t cover if you can use this supplement when pregnant. I need to get ahold of my cortisol levels but have to do so safely. Do you have a video about how to heal this body system while pregnant?