Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream

Yes. This one is labeled to treat mild pain, and the texture is rich and creamy. But there are drug interactions and people who should not use it.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Young Living Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream provides cooling comfort from minor aches and pains. This plant-based formula combines the power of wintergreen and Cool Azul essential oil blend. If you need relief without synthetic ingredients, this product is the answer!

What It’s For

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream is a topical cream that provides a cooling effect on your skin that helps to alleviate minor pain associated with muscle and joint aches, back pain, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains.

Ingredient Highlights

This pain cream contains two main essential oils in order to provide pain-relieving benefits in two ways. The methyl salicylate in wintergreen helps alleviate pain deep in the muscles and joints, while the natural menthol in peppermint provides a cooling effect. The perfect 1-2 punch on pain!

The methyl salicylate acts by 1) getting down into the skin and interacting with a delta neurons, which sends an inhibitory affect so your brain cancels out that sense of pain and 2) inhibiting production of prostaglandins (chemical messengers that tend to feel very painful to us).

Menthol 1) causes a counter irritant affect and 2) binds to the TRPM8 receptors which sense cold and then react by releasing calcium to help mitigate some of the pain.

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream also contains green tea extract for caffeine, which also helps diminish pain, especially post-workout.

Because this product engages with cool receptors, do not use tight bandages or heating pads with it.

Who Should Use It

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream is perfect for athletes and people interested in healthy aging.

This product is for anyone over the age of 12. This is because salicylates are associated with a severe adverse reaction called Reye syndrome which is most common in children exposed to salicylates.

You’re on blood thinning medications? Make sure to monitor for signs and symptoms of bleeding because of salicylates.

Companion Products

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream pairs well with these essential oils: Deep Relief Roll On, Panaway, and Cool Azul.

Don’t Have Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream? 

Cool Azul Sports Gel is very similar to the pain relief cream. The cream absorbed a bit better and the gel is a little more sticky and contains more essential oils instead of methyl salicylate; however, they can be used interchangeably very easily.

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