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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

The 2020 Young Living International Convention brought some Limited Time Offer Products that you will want to snag before they are gone. Just check out what’s available:

Cassia Essential Oil

Cassia is usually only available in the Oils of Ancient Scripture Essential Oil Collection. While supplies last, you can get this essential oil single in a 15 mL bottle. Learn more about cassia here.

Breathe Again Essential Oil Blend

Breathe Again is a favorite blend of so many Young Living users. Previously only available in a 10 mL roll-on bottle, this limited time offer is also for a 15 mL bottle. Learn more about this wonderful blend here.

Lucia and Lustre Artisan Diffusers

These very classy and simple diffusers are hand-made of glass. They both have multiple lighting options and diffusing modes.These diffusers are a wonderful combination of modern style and functionality. The Lucia diffuser is ornate and delicate and runs for up to 8 hours. The Lustre diffuser is quite large and will diffuse to cover up to 375 square feet for up to 12 hours.

Ecuadorian Oregano

This variety of oregano is actually in the mint family. It comes from Young Living’s Finca Botanica Farm and distillery in Chongon, Ecuador. This specific oregano gives therapeutic value to the Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream and Cool Azul Essential Oil Blend. For the first time, you can get this essential oil single in a 15 mL bottle.

Savvy Minerals Blending Sponge

Get a flawless complexion using this exclusive blending sponge. Apply makeup with your brush as usual and follow with the blending sponge for thorough coverage. Order yours today before this limited time offer goes away.

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