Clary Sage Essential Oil

Women swear by this essential oil especially following menopause, and some women use it during periods or pregnancy as well.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Clary Sage essential oil has an herbaceous aroma that can help create a calm and relaxing environment. While this herb is a close relative of common garden sage, it has a slightly different makeup and many therapeutic benefits.

What It’s For

Clary Sage is a favorite of many women because it helps balance the female mind and body. It is also therapeutic to skin when added to your daily routine. The name comes from the Latin word clarus, which means “clear”. This is because people used the herb in the Middle Ages to promote clear vision and protect the eyes. Don’t overlook this essential oil when dealing with emotions: it helps focus the mind, bring clarity of purpose, and strengthen intuition.

Constituent Highlight

Sclareol is the constituent that makes clary sage stand apart from others. This constituent is uncommon in essential oils and is responsible for many of the benefits of clary sage.

Who Should Use Clary Sage Essential Oil

While this essential oil is favored by many women, men and children can also enjoy the tea-like aroma. If you struggle to quiet your mind, this oil is for you. Clary sage can help you restore stillness and expel chaos. Check out these DIY recipes with Clary Sage.

Companion Products

Many women use clary sage alongside another favorite, Progessence Plus. It also harmonizes well with ylang ylang essential oil.

Don’t Have Clary Sage Essential Oil?

You can reap the benefits of clary sage in the Lady Sclareol blend.

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