Cedarwood Essential Oil

One of the best returns on investment, this inexpensive oil is as clutch in hair and skin care as it is in the diffuser, at bedtime, and during yoga.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Cedarwood is a very popular, widely-used essential oil. From catching some zzz’s to nourishing the skin, this unassuming oil has so many uses, just about anyone can benefit from using it.

What It’s For

Cedarwood essential oil has a very warm, woodsy aroma. When diffused, it creates a relaxing, calming atmosphere and can encourage a restful night. Its cleansing and moisturizing properties make it a great addition to your favorite skin care products. It is also very good for the scalp and hair as well.

On an emotional level, cedar wood can help with surrender and acceptance of responsibility. It also fosters feelings of safety and security for adults, children, and even animals. The gentle aroma of cedarwood blends well with so many other essential oils, making it a perfect base note for many blends, perfumes, and colognes.

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Constituent Highlight

Cedarwood contains up to 98% sesquiterpenes. These molecules deliver oxygen to cells and help to soothe the nerves, bringing a sense of calm and encouraging physical and mental relaxation.

Who Should Use Cedarwood Essential Oil

So many people incorporate cedarwood into their nightly routine. From softening skin to easing stress and promoting sleep, you will find so many ways to use it. Because it is mild and gentle, many parents like to diffuse it in children’s rooms at bedtime. You may also want to reach for your bottle of cedarwood during prayer time to uplift and help you feel more grounded and focused.

Companion Products

For more help relaxing, check out Stress Away. You can also combine cedarwood with SleepEssence supplement for an incredible night’s sleep!

Don’t Have Cedarwood Essential Oil?

This one is inexpensive and rarely goes out of stock, so go ahead and order some today. Otherwise, you may enjoy sandalwood or Idaho grand fir for similar attributes.

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