Cassia Essential Oil

Cassia–it’s like cinnamon bark, but amped up 10 times. Hot on the skin, but powerful in spiritual practice.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Hot and spicy cassia makes a statement. Whether applied topically or diffused, this potent essential oil will not go unnoticed.

What It’s For

As a part of the Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection, this essential oil has many historic uses. It not only supports natural immunity, but also has some pretty impressive spiritual and emotional properties as well. The aroma and flavor resemble that of cinnamon bark, however cassia is much more potent.

All of the cinnamon oils help promote balance, concentration, inspiration, and creativity. They also increase passion and security in oneself. Diffusing cassia may even help strengthen your sense of purpose and identity.

Constituent Highlight

Perhaps one of the most potent essential oils, cassia contains up to 85% transcinnamaldehyde. This constituent is responsible for the robust aroma as well as some of the therapeutic actions. Aldehydes are very calming to the nervous system and can encourage stress relief and relaxation.

Who Should Use Cassia Essential Oil

When teaching about the ancient uses of essential oils, cassia is a key player. This is also a lovely oil to add to the diffuser to eliminate odors as well as bring positivity and encourage creativity and inspiration. Be sure to use caution whenever using cassia topically. Because it can be so hot on the skin, dilution is almost always necessary.

Companion Products

You can only purchase cassia as part of the Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit. Many people enjoy combining all of these oils into one blend to reap the benefits of their combined therapeutic actions. In addition, you may want to use a small amount in a massage oil for a warming, soothing experience.

Don’t Have Cassia Essential Oil?

If you don’t have the Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit, you can enjoy many similar benefits of this essential oil in cinnamon bark.

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