Carrot Seed Essential Oil

A summer skin favorite. Add this essential oil into DIYs to soak in the long days of sunshine.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

Carrot seed essential oil comes from Queen Ann’s Lace, or wild carrot, not to be confused with “regular” carrots you can purchase at the grocery store. The seeds of this plant carry many therapeutic properties for the skin as well as clearing negativity.

What It’s For

Because carrot seed is so beneficial for the skin, we find it in many products like Sheerlumé Brightening Cream, Rose Ointment, and Animal Scents Ointment. It also has skin-protective properties, and is a key ingredient in Mineral Sunscreen. Interestingly, the unique aroma of carrot seed can help clear negative energy and bring a sense of renewal and grounding.

Constituent Highlight

In addition to the alcohol, carotol, which gives this plant its characteristic aroma and color, carrot seed contains α-pinene. This constituent cleanses and purifies both the body and the emotions. It also encourages mental focus and clarity, helping one to make wise decisions in challenging situations.

Who Should Use Carrot Seed Essential Oil?

The aroma of carrot seed may not be ideal for wearing topically all by itself, if you catch my drift. However, it smells wonderful in many skin preparations, such as Sheerlumé (everyone needs this in their life!). If you’re in a place of transition, it may help with grounding and acceptance. Combine it with other essential oils and diffuse at work when strife or disagreement surmount.

Companion Products

To uplift an environment and bring a sense of positivity, try diffusing carrot seed with lemon and clove essential oils. You can also mix it into your favorite skin moisturizer, like ART Intensive Moisturizer, for added nourishing and protective benefits.

Don’t Have Carrot Seed Essential Oil?

Just rub on some Mineral Sunscreen to get your daily dose of carrot seed!

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