TLC for your cardiovascular system. Vitamins, minerals, and essential oils that can be used by almost every one, but is it safe for peeple with heart disease?


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

CardioGize combines essential oils with a unique combination of herbs and compounds to support the cardiovascular system. †It supports healthy heart function and may promote a higher quality of life.

What’s it For?

Gary Young formulated CardioGize to provide strength, energy, and good nutrition for normal heart function. It also provides a source of antioxidants and supports overall vascular function.

Ingredient Highlights

This supplement uses the proper synergistic ratio of CoQ10 and selenium. Plus, it’s also fortified with deodorized garlic, CoQ10, and vitamin K.

Who Should Take CardioGize

If you’re looking to support overall cardiovascular health, give CardioGize a try. However, there are some cautions associated with this product. Watch the video to find out who should consider consulting their physician before starting this product.

Companion Products

For more supplements that support overall good health, check out Master Formula, Omegagize3, and NingXia Red.

Don’t Have CardioGize?

Mindwise also contains heart-healthy ingredients!

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Comments & Reviews

  1. Just an FYI, I know the garlic is deodorized however, every now and then I can taste it and my husband has asked me if I’ve eaten garlic when I haven’t. It doesn’t seem to be that way on a daily basis but on occasion. I love garlic but I don’t eat it very often so it’s not a carryover. I think everyone’s system processes foods differently. I am really happy with cardiogize and take it everyday!!
    Love the videos!! THANK YOU!
    Love these videos

    • Super interesting how each person reacts differently to the supplements! We are so glad that you are loving all of the videos! 🙂

  2. My seven-year-old daughter scanned for this product. She weighs about 70 pounds. Since it is not recommended for children under twelve, what would be a good substitute?

  3. Are there any other Young Living supplements you shouldn’t take if you are taking Cardiogize? I already take Immupro, Master Formula, Multi-Greens, Omegagize, Life9, Essentialzyme4, Vitamin C and Ningxia Red. I am starting to think about total selenium. Thank you.

  4. Also, I’ve read that Co-Q10 can lower blood pressure. If you already have slightly low blodd pressure is it not wise to take?

  5. Last thing! The low blood pressure is in regard to my 88 year old father with heart issues. In regards to me, I also take Sulfurzyme along with the other things mentioned in the earlier comment! Thank you!