Black Pepper Essential Oil

As peppery on the skin as it is on your body, the scent of this essential oil is so dead on, it’ll make you sneeze.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

While most people think of black pepper as something to season our food, the benefits of this essential oil go way beyond that! Check out some surprising benefits of this powerhouse.

What It’s For

Black Pepper has a surprisingly nice aroma when used aromatically. Its spicy aroma energizes the mind and helps ease feelings of being trapped or stuck in a situation. Because it creates a very gentle warming sensation, it’s great for warming cold hands or feet as well as for soothing sore muscles. Try some mixed into a lotion or body oil for a therapeutic, warming massage.

Constituent Highlight

Black pepper contains both α- and β-pinene. These constituents are very cleansing for both the body and the emotions. Additionally, they may help encourage REM sleep.

Who Should Use Black Pepper Essential Oil

If you want an oil to help relax sore muscles with a soothing, warming embrace, black pepper is for you. You may also want to diffuse it or wear it topically if you struggle with feeling stuck or unsure of yourself. Try adding it to a pre-bedtime bath or applying to the bottoms of your feet to fall asleep faster and encourage a restful night.

Companion Products

Black pepper blends well with other robust aromas, such as wintergreen or clove essential oils. Combine it with your favorite lotion, such as Genesis Hand and Body Lotion, for a hand and foot-warming balm.

Don’t Have Black Pepper Essential Oil?

Cinnamon bark is a bit more assertive than black pepper, but it has similar properties of warming and spiritual uplifting.

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