ART Light Moisturizer

ART Light Moisturizer light moisturizer that provides just the right amount of hydration for a soft, smooth complexion.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

When properly hydrated, skin cells can better replace themselves, which keeps skin looking younger. ART Light Moisturizer is a light, gentle cream that may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also makes skin more soft and pliable and may help reduce signs of aging skin.

This skincare product is 100% plant-based, non-irritating, non-allergenic, clinical tested, and reviewed by dermatologists. So you can trust what’s in the bottle and rest assured that it will help to restore a youthful appearance to your skin without unwanted harsh chemicals!

Ingredient Highlight

This product contains natural botanicals, like orchid, that hydrate and restore the skin’s natural beauty. It also contains skin-loving essential oils, such as frankincense and sandalwood.

Who Should Use ART Light Moisturizer

This moisturizer is perfect for people with oily or normal skin. It’s also great for older skin or those concerned with fine lines or wrinkles.

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Don’t Have ART Light Moisturizer?

Orange Blossom Moisturizer is another light moisturizing cream that is perfect for more oily skin.

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