Aroma Rings

Want a way to keep the aroma of your essential oils with you all the time? Introducing Aroma Rings: a simple option to carry your essential oils with you!


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

This personal diffuser is a great new way to enjoy the aroma of your essential oils. It is a latex-free silicone ring worn under the nasal septum with your favorite essential oils. The ring comes pre-infused with a choice of AromaEase essential oil blend or Lavender essential oil.

Ingredient Highlight

The rings come pre-infused with a choice of lavender or AromaEase essential oils. AromaEase is a great blend for those with sensitivity to smells, especially while traveling. Lavender essential oil is great for anyone who wants to use the ring to help ease nerves and promote a calm state of mind. You can also add your choice of essential oils to the rings.

Who Should Use Aroma Rings

This product is suitable for adults and children. However it does pose a potential choking hazard, so it is not suitable for very small children. Use it when you travel to enjoy your essential oils in this small personal diffuser. You can also wear it during your yoga or workout routine, while on the go, or any other time.

Companion Products

This product is a great way to enjoy your favorite essential oils. Try it with a bit of peppermint during a workout, or Stress Away for a hectic day at the office.

Don’t Have Aroma Rings?

Well, there isn’t another product quite like this one. Try using essential oil roll-ons, such as Stress Away Roll-On or Breathe Again Roll-On.

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