Animal Scents T-Away

Just like humans, sometimes pets need a little emotional pick-me-up. Learn how Animal Scents T-Away can soothe pets emotional stress and restore balance.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

Animal Scents T-Away helps bring peace to your furry family members. The essential oils in this blend provide emotional support to ease stress and promote feelings of balance and grounding. This blend can also improve your pet’s mood and foster a more joyful, happy disposition.

Ingredient Highlight

T-Away contains the following calming and uplifting essential oils: tangerine, lavender, German chamomile, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, and frankincense. The combination of bright citrus, calming lavender and chamomile, and grounding sandalwood and frankincense make this synergistic blend excellent for easing pets’ stress.

Who Should Use Animal Scents T-Away Essential Oil Blend

This blend is suited for all kinds of pets, from the youngest to the elderly. Use additional caution with young pets and particularly cats. Because they may be more sensitive to the citrus oil in this blend, extra dilution may be necessary. You can also diffuse the blend if your animals do not enjoy the aroma of essential oils.

Companion Products

The entire Animal Scents line of products are formulated to provide all you need to manage your pet’s healthcare with natural, plant-based, essential oil-infused products. Learn more about using essential oils safely with animals in the Essential Oils and Animals Course.

Don’t Have Animal Scents T-Away Essential Oil Blend?

Stress Away essential oil blend has a mild, soothing aroma that many pets enjoy. Try adding a few drops to a diffuser or to your pet’s bedding. You may also want to try lavender essential oil to soothe stressed or overactive pets.

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