Animal Scents Shampoo

Animal Scents shampoo effectively cleans pets’ fur and skin without stripping oils. This 100% plant-based formula is mild enough for the youngest pets.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS

What It’s For

Keeping your active pets clean can be a tough task. And many pet owners worry about using harsh shampoos loaded with chemicals. These products strip oils from your pet’s skin and hair and can cause skin and eye irritation as well. Young Living’s Animal Scents Shampoo’s gentle formula cleans, conditions, and protects your pet’s coat without harmful ingredients.

Ingredient Highlight

The formula includes coco-betaine, a natural surfactant that comes from coconut oil to safely clean and moisturize your pet’s fur and skin. It also contains lavandin, lemon, geranium, 2 types of citronella, Northern Lights Black Spruce, and vetiver essential oils. These provide protection and help deodorize your pet.

Who Should Use Animal Scents Shampoo

This highly concentrated formula is perfect for all of your furry animals: cats, dogs, rodents, ferrets, and monkeys! Because of the extra gentle ingredients, you can feel secure about using this shampoo on even the youngest pets! Since it’s also very concentrated, just a little bit goes a long way. One bottle of shampoo is good for tons of washings!

Companion Products

The entire Animal Scents line of products are formulated to provide all you need to manage your pet’s healthcare with natural, plant-based, essential oil-infused products. Learn about this entire line of products in the Essential Oils and Animals Course.

Don’t Have Animal Scents Shampoo?

The Seedlings Baby Wash and Shampoo is ultra-gentle, just like the Animal Scents Shampoo.

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