Branched chain amino acids for your favorite athlete. A lemon-berry drink reduces muscle fatigue and replaces lost minerals after exercise.


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Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Elmore PHARMD, BCPS
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AminoWise is the perfect supplement to enhance your fitness routine. Not only is it formulated to help build muscle and prevent fatigue, it also replenishes important minerals lost during exercise.

What it’s For

AminoWise does provides ideal hydration because it contains minerals lost during exercise. It also supports muscles during and after exercise to enhance performance and recovery. Additionally, this powdered drink mix supplies the body with antioxidants, vitamin E, amino acids, and zinc.

Ingredient Highlight

The mix contains branched chain amino acids to aid in preventing muscle catabolism from exercise. NingXia wolfberries give it a delicious flavor as well as providing antioxidants to prevent muscle damage.

Who Should Take AminoWise?

This drink supplement is the perfect addition to any workout. Use it to replenish before, during, and even after your exercise routine. You can also use it during summer months to replace vital minerals lost to sweating.

Companion Products

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Don’t Have AminoWise?

Try a refreshing NingXia Zyng to energize your workout.

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Comments & Reviews

5 based on 1 reviews
  1. Hi Lindsey. Do you know of any other supplements that have glutamine in them? Also, do you think they will ever come out with a pill form of Aminowise?