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Deals and Steals
What’s the number one complaint people have about Youn[...]
Mastering DIY Blends
Want to make perfect essential oil blends? Before you start [...]
Convention 2020 New Products
Ready to learn all about the new Young Living products? Lind[...]
Combining Supplements
One of the most advanced courses on using Young Living suppl[...]
1h 2m
Savvy Minerals Collection
Mineral makeup is distinctly different than conventional mak[...]
Body Systems
This course covers specific videos for body systems.
2h 9m
Special Populations
One of the most requested courses, this video cover which su[...]
1h 15m
Product Collections
Kits and collections can be confusing. Let’s talk thro[...]
2h 26m
Safety Videos
Using essential oils safely can be challenging, even more so[...]
Mental Health
Emotions are a weird thing to define. There is really no con[...]
Introduction to Young Living
By the time you finish this course, you will have the confid[...]
1h 38m
Product Comparisons
There are so many Young Living products that overlap with on[...]