Are you ready to go on a business run, but struggle to

  • Stay consistent?
  • Keep accountable?
  • Know what to teach?
  • Connect to people?

You have an opportunity right now.

So many women want to grow Young Living downlines, but struggle to get going, stay consistent, meet new people, teach meetings, and continue in their own personal development.

If you are willing to put in the work, here are the resources for you to do a The Hustle! You have a chance to increase your knowledge, reach new audiences, and grow an authentic business that sustains you for years to come.

Every week you will receive assignments that aim to grow your downline. You will share on social media, reach out to new people, nurture existing connections, educate yourself by watching videos, teach meetings, and complete progress reports. When you sign up for The Hustle, you get a free month in the YL Education Club.

Hustle Book

What to expect during The Hustle

Each week, you'll get assignments, videos, and coaching directly in your email inbox.

  • Social Media You’ll post about products that you love, why you love them, and how you use them in your daily life.
  • Outreach Complete assignments designed to help you meet new people and share your product.
  • Nurture You’ll reach out to new and existing members to build relationships and empower them to learn alongside you.
  • Watch To prepare you to teach classes and strengthen your Young Living knowledge, you’ll watch videos on products, body systems, and more.
  • Teach Teaching is so important to growing a downline. Each week, you will teach 1-2 classes. Don’t worry, scripts and slides are included.
  • Complete Once a month, you will fill out a progress report. This report will keep you accountable for the time and effort you are putting towards growth.
  • Attend Twice monthly, you’ll have the opportunity to attend live webinars that answer questions and provide in-depth business training.
  • Recognize At the end of each month, you’ll be instructed to reach out to new and existing members to recognize and congratulate their progress and efforts.
  • All-Access Pass to the YL Education Club The most comprehensive database dedicated to Young Living education. With hundreds of product videos, in-depth courses, and business tools, it’s the fastest and easiest way to grow your Young Living team.

Curious about what you’ll do on The Hustle?

Take a peek at the syllabus and get an idea of what The Hustle looks like.

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Lyd Schelhaas

“I have been doing the business as a hobby for about two years and have stayed a Star for 2 years. During convention I decided to make it more than a hobby, so I joined the Hustle last week. From last week to this week, I already reached the next rank thanks to the YL Education Club and all the information now at my fingertips!! I am excited to see where the next month takes me.”

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