One of the most overwhelming parts of the Young Living Convention is the expo. There are so many product areas, so many displays, so many people, and so many new products to try out, you many not know where to start. For some help navigating the Young Living Expo, go ahead and memorize some of the terminology. Then you can plan out which booths you want focus on, and which ones are lower on your priority list.

Depending on the crowds, you may not have time to get to each and every booth in one visit. Plan on a couple of walk-throughs to make sure to take it all in. Now, some of the booths listed below are by the exact name. Others have an approximated name based on the way that the expo has been set up in the past. However, you’ll get the lay of the land well enough to help you navigate.

Club Red

A staple in the expo, Club Red is where you can come and take NingXia Red and Nitro shots infused with Vitality oils. Feeling thirsty? Grab a Zyng to go with it.

Farm Booth and Seed to Seal

The number of Young Living farms has grown so much from its humble beginnings in St. Marie’s, Idaho. I hope you definitely take the time to head to the Mona Farm while you are in Salt Lake City! It is as close to a Young Living wonderland as anything I have ever seen.

There are so many other farms to explore around the world. Come see which plants are distilled in France, Croatia, Ecuador, and a selection of other farms from Asia, Australia, and Africa. You’ll have a new found respect for the scale of operations that it takes to produce the extensive line of essential oils from across the globe.

Young Living Foundation

Doing good in the world is at the heart of the why Young Living is a company, and the Foundation is the heartbeat of that mission.

Stop by the Foundation booth to purchase some handmade goods from around the world, enter the Ride for a Reason raffle, sponsor a child at the Young Living Academy, learn how to round up your Essential Rewards order, or pick up some Foundation gear.

Simply Oils Booth

Now that you are getting used to navigating the Young Living expo, let’s go check out the essential oils. Dreamt of owning all of the essential oils in Young Living’s entire product line? Now is your moment to smell them all! Stop by the booth and get your sniff on.

Healthy Home

The Thieves Line of products is everything you need to makeover your entire household, and it is where I like people to start when they are brand new to Young Living.

Savvy Minerals

Worried to start using Savvy Minerals because you are scared that you’ll pick the wrong color? Now is your moment to come and play with all the foundations, lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes, and eye shadows.

One of the makeup experts will teach you everything you need to know to get a flawless Savvy Face.

Healthy and Fit

Come and sample the einkorn products, wolfberries, and Pure Protein Complete shakes. Have questions about Young Living’s supplements? Come to the supplement booth to ask questions, compare and contrast different supplements, and plan your next Essential Rewards order.

KidScents and Seedlings

Even if you don’t have kids at home, chances are you have a baby shower, a niece, a nephew or a kid’s birthday party coming up soon, and KidScents and Seedlings make the perfect gift. Plus, even single people need Seedlings in their lives.

YL Gear Store

Everywhere I travel people ask me where I get all of my Young Living branded gear. The largest collection anywhere is in the expo at the convention. Stock up on clothing for yoga, tote bags, baby bags, and blankets.

Compensation Booth, Conduct Success, and More

Depending on space, there may be a place where you can stop by and learn more about sharing effectively, earning income, and who knows what else?

Get Ready. Crowds are Coming.

Prepare for the crowds in advance with a simple meditation on a meditation pillow. Carry an amethyst, rose quartz, or citrine crystal. Zen out with an acupressure ring.

What are your favorite parts of convention? Hopefully this guide will help you navigate the Young Living Expo. Which booth is at the top of your list?