There is so much to fit into your convention agenda that it may seem overwhelming. When I first discussed a position with Young Living, Gary insisted that I went to the farm. There is so much to see at each and every farm, but it is very important make the most of the Mona farm. There are nooks and crannies that are easy to miss everywhere. Here is a guide to all the sites you need to see.

Your Top Priority

The number one thing on a trip to the Mona Farm is a tour of the distillery, lab and greenhouse. At the heart of Young Living is the Seed to Seal process. Watching plants get distilled into essential oil is the most exciting part of the whole process.

Before you see distillation, head to the northeast side of the property. Look for the large, white, soft sided buildings beyond the distillery. These are the greenhouses where our seedlings are grown. Take all the pictures, but please do not touch the plant babies; they are fragile and are our future essential oils. Bonus points if you say kind words to the plants. Gary always thought that happy plants were plants that produced the best essential oils.

Next head over to the big pile of plants in front of the distillery and get in line to see the distillation process. Head downstairs to see freshly distilled essential oil. Be sure to look in on the initial testing process inside the lab opposite of the essential oil collecting chambers.

More Stops on the Way

As you walk around, take in a match at the Jousting Arena. Then head behind the distillery and take in the fields of clary sage, yarrow, and peppermint. Then head to Old Cowboy Town and pose for photos.

On the southern portion of the farm, come check out the Show Barn and the Percheron Draft Horses. Use caution when approaching the horses, they get super skittish around all of the crowds of people. Outside of the Show Barn is where the Ride for a Reason pulls in as well.

Be sure to head to one of the food tents and grab a NingXia Slushee. Or if you have a sweet tooth, stop by the Visitor’s Center and get some Lavender Ice Cream.

On the west side of the farm (across the street from the distillery) are the lavender fields. Watch out for traffic and head over for a quick photo in the rolling lavender fields.

Before You Leave

Stop by the discount product tent and see what kinds of bargains you can find.

Pack to Make the Most of the Mona Farm

Before you head out to the farm be sure to pack your bag appropriately for a long hot day. Consider bringing the following:

There you have it! Your guide with simple stops along the way that will help you make the most of the Mona farm.

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