Do you want to grow your influence on social media and teach fun meetings with ease?

So many people want to share Young Living, but struggle to:
  • Create engaging graphics.
  • Know what to share.
  • Share in a way that is different from other people.
  • Teach fun and interesting classes.

You have an opportunity right now.

Holidays are consistently some of the highest-grossing months for Young Living members. People are ready to buy gifts, and it is easy to share YL products with members of the community. Now is your moment. The Holiday Graphics and Education Bundle is designed to help you share more effectively on social media, create engaging and fun classes with hands-on activities, and show people the diverse uses of the essential oils in their Premium Starter Kit. These tools will help you reach new audiences and grow an authentic business that sustains you for years to come. You’ll be given graphics to share on social media, a unique DIY class to teach, and have the option to Join the YL Education Club.

Hustle Book

Plus you get these three exclusive bonuses,
only when you purchase this bundle:


You’ll receive access to recipe cards, handouts to keep you motivated, and shareable social media graphics.

Double Bonus!

Get set up for success by attending three Live Zoom Calls with Dr. Lindsey Elmore to create strategic plans with your team, how to create daily deeds, and learn how to effectively host a holiday pop up shop. Calls will take place the week of October 26th.

Triple Bonus!

When you join the Holiday Hustle, you’ll get free access to the entire YL Education Club for one month, and there is no automatic subscription afterward.

Curious about what you’ll get?

65 Custom Holiday Graphics that make sharing Young Living simple:

  • Gifts in every price range
  • Gifts for all kinds of people (moms, dads, teachers, etc.)
  • Fun holiday essential oil bottle puns

A DIY Class designed to show new and existing members the diversity of the PSK:

  • Detailed instructions for hosting a Holiday DIY class
  • Recipes and instructions for 4 original DIYs using only essential oils in the Premium Starter Kit
  • Plus, some simple recipes for essential oil-infused treats to serve at your event
  • Recipe cards to print and share

Take a peek at these example graphics!

Lyd Schelhaas

“I have been doing the business as a hobby for about two years and have stayed a Star for 2 years. During convention I decided to make it a make it more than a hobby, so I joined the Hustle last week. From last week to this week, I already reached the next rank thanks to the YL Education Club and all the information now at my fingertips!! I am excited to see where the next month takes me.”

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