Valor Essential Oil Blend is arguably the most-loved blend in the Young Living collection. The transformative aroma of Valor helps relieve emotional burdens and inspire courage and self confidence. Men, women, children, and even pets love the aroma and therapeutic benefits of this powerful blend.

Valor contains the following essential oils:

Chemical Profile

Blue tansy contains the rare constituent chamazulene. This compound can help manage your body’s natural reaction to stress. It is also a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals in the body.

Frankincense and black spruce contribute alpha-pinene to this blend. This powerful antioxidant focuses and concentrates the mind and soothes the muscles and nerves. Black spruce also imparts the ester, bornyl acetate, which helps relieve inflammation.

Frankincense is a great essential oil for increasing spiritual awareness and connectedness. It encourages the release of pent-up emotional burdens for better clarity, courage, and happiness.

Camphor brings a brightness to the aroma of Valor, plus it is high in ketones and the oxide 1,8 cineole (also known as eucalyptol). Camphor helps relax the body to promote restful sleep and relieve minor muscle and respiratory discomforts. It also helps cleanse negative energy and awakening the mind. Camphor is especially helpful for restoring balance, protection and purpose.

Geranium adds its sweet, floral aroma to balance the heavier notes in this blend. Additionally, it contains the alcohols citronellol and geraniol. Both of these relieve inflammation as well as minor pain. The uplifting aroma of geranium also promotes creativity and personal growth, as well as improving communication, confidence, and spirituality.


Clear the Chaos

Valor has a unique way of balancing the body’s energy centers. It works especially well to open the root and the throat chakras. The root helps boost bravery and security, while the throat helps us express ourselves and communicate clearly. Additionally, Valor helps to balance the solar plexus, heart, and third eye chakras.

Own the Stage

Perhaps the most common way to use Valor is to boost self confidence and combat fear. The combination of essential oils in this blend work synergistically to promote self-expression and courage. Got a speaking engagement or job interview? Start off with a few drops of Valor applied to your temples, wrists, and neck.

Backside photo of young adult woman singing a song in a live performance on stage in front of an audience

Stand Up Straight

Valor not only balances energy in the body. It actually promotes physical balance as it supports the skeletal system. Apply Valor to stiff joints or your back to encourage good posture and proper alignment. This unique property is one reason why Valor is an integral part of the Raindrop Technique. Applied to the spine during the technique, it helps to relieve tension in the vertebrae and promote proper spinal alignment.

Take a Chill Pill

The musky, slightly woodsy aroma of Valor seems to instantly dissipate stress. Add it to a bath with some Epsom salts and release the cares of the day.

Use as a Cologne

One particularly unique quality of Valor is that men and women both love the aroma. Spruce and camphor impart a slightly musky aroma, while geranium adds just a hit of sweetness. So grab your handy Valor Essential Oil Roll-On, and slather yourself in this delicious blend.

Pamper Your Pets

Like humans, this blend is one that many animals can’t resist. While some essential oils’ aromas are a bit assertive for some animals, the gentle, earthy aroma of Valor appeals to most dogs, cats, and especially horses. Use it to help soothe anxious pets and to encourage bravery and overcome separation anxiety.

Sleep in Peace

Many people use Valor on the bottoms of the feet to stop snoring. Apply a few drops to the feet, focusing on the base of the toes, for a more restful night.

Get ‘er Done

When you just seem to lack focus, Valor in the diffuser will help reign it back in. Use it during study and homework time to help kids concentrate and stay focused until the job is done. Valor essential oil blend will help you tackle that to-do list with purpose.

Attitude Adjustment

When you’re in a bad mood, take a whiff of Valor. It just has a wonderful way of erasing the negativity and helping to promote patience and calmness. Try Gary Young’s Great Day Protocol to start your day off right:

  • Valor on the inside of your wrists
  • Harmony on your solar plexus (above the navel)
  • Joy over your heart
  • White Angelica on your shoulders and crown

If you want to learn even more about this blend, check out these videos: Valor Essential Oil Blend and Valor Roll-On.

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