Many parents enjoy the benefits of using essential oils with their children. However, sometimes it can be tricky or confusing to know how much to use. Fortunately, Young Living has a line of products specifically formulated for children. This gives moms peace of mind that the essential oils and products she uses on her children are safe and properly diluted. The KidScents Essential Oil Blends offer a great way to start your little ones off with essential oils without worry or fear.

In addition to children, many people love using KidScents blends on their pets too. The gentle aromas and formulas are great for animals.

KidScents GeneYus

GeneYus contains 16 different essential oils that benefit mental focus, and clarity, as well as grounding:

This blend is great to help kids focus during study time. It also helps relieve occasional feelings of stress and overwhelm, while promoting creativity. Use this blend in the diffuser to encourage an atmosphere of positivity around your home or office.

When kids just seem out-of-sorts or “off” in a way that you just can’t put your finger on, it may be that they just need some balance and harmony. GeneYus can help by opening the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

KidScents SleepyIze

After a stressful day at school or a day of hard playing, it can be difficult for kids to calm down. SleepyIze helps kids to unwind and relax. Additionally, this blend is great for kids prone to overstimulation. With 8 calming essential oils, this blend will be your child’s bedtime best friend.

The balancing essential oils in this blend also help support the sacral, solar plexus, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

KidScents TummyGize

Nothing is worse than when one of your little ones doesn’t feel well. TummyGize is the perfect solution to when your child has an upset tummy. A few drops can ease stomach discomfort. The blend contains several essential oils that support healthy digestion:

Did you know that TummyGize also works on children’s emotional health as well? When your child faces stress from chaos, stress, or uncomfortable change, it can help them process information and ease transitions. It also opens the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras to encourage feelings of grounding, confidence and security.

KidScents SniffleEase

Apply this blend to the bottoms of little feet or on the chest and back when your child needs extra respiratory support. 

SniffleEase contains an impressive line-up of many cooling, refreshing essential oils:

This blend also helps open the heart chakra and can provide emotional support to a child who has experienced a loss or carries a great burden. It can even help adults gently release old childhood burdens.

KidScents Owie

Owie is a gentle blend that calms minor skin irritations and supports healthy skin. The relaxing aroma also helps relieve minor stress and emotional hurts. It can even help to alleviate and release childhood emotions carried into adulthood. 

The blend combines several exotic essential oils that support the skin and emotional well-being, as well as clove essential oil to help relieve minor pain.

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