Several Australian essential oils come together to create Kuranya essential oil blend. The name Kuranya means rainbow. The synergy of oils included in this blend offer an example of a blend that is truly more than the sum of its parts.

Australian Kuranya contains the following essential oils:

Chemical Profile

Australian Kuranya owes its unique chemical profile to many common constituents—sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, phenolic ethers, phenolic alcohols, and oxides—just to name a few.

Blue cypress brings the constituents guaiol and guaiazulene, which reduce the body’s response to irritation. Kunzea brings a dose of alpha-pinene. Due to this constituent, the kunzea bush (commonly known as “tick bush”) has been described anecdotally as a bush under which animals sleep to seek refuge from biting insects. 

Sacred sandalwood, kunzea, blue cypress, and both Melaleuca varieties contain high concentrations of sesquiterpenes. These encourage deep relaxation of the nervous system. Therefore, Kuranya essential oil blend offers a great option to enhance relaxation and meditation.

Eucalyptus and kunzea impart 1,8-cineole, or eucalyptol. This oxide is beneficial for respiratory support. Additionally, eucalyptol is a potent anti-inflammatory, making it beneficial to sore, inflamed muscles and joints after strenuous exercise.

Uses for Australian Kuranya

Balance Chakras

In this blend, some essential oils come from leaves, while others are from tree branches and roots. This synergy can help bring balance to the root, sacral, heart, throat, and third eye chakras. Check out a recipe for the throat chakra.

Enhance Your Skincare Routine

This blend calms and soothes irritated skin, and it may also help treat and prevent blemishes. Add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer to encourage a smooth, healthy complexion.

Liquid Patience

This blend not only eases irritation on the skin. It also helps relieve mental and emotional irritation as well. Diffuse it or apply it topically to help encourage patience and understanding.

Freshen the Air

The aroma of Australian Kuranya has just the right combination of earthy and herbaceous, with a hint of menthol and a burst of lemon. Diffuse it for a spa-like aroma that brings the freshness of nature indoors.

Calm Irritated Airways

Roll this blend on the chest and back before bedtime to soothe irritated airways. It is gentler than eucalyptus or peppermint and helps relax and calm the body and mind.

Soak Your Cares Away

When you just need to wind down, simply add 6-8 drops of Kuranya essential oil blend to a hot bath. Breathe deeply, and allow the calming, soothing properties to take effect. For added detox, add a cup of Epsom salts as well.

Invite Peace

This blend is especially good for bringing peace to a racing mind. To experience this benefit, apply a drop or two to your palms and inhale the aroma deeply. As you do so, focus on gratitude and releasing errant thoughts.

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